Monday, July 30, 2007

Aprons in Action

I finished three aprons last week, but haven't posted any of them yet. The pictures aren't very good (except for the one with Paige), but it's all I've got to work with. It's rather hard trying to photograph yourself!
Oh, Trent, what were you really trying to take a picture of? I like to think of this apron as "Feat of the Pleats". I may attempt pleats again. After a nice, long break.

I lovingly refer to this apron as my "Little House on the Prairie" look. It really is my work apron. I always choose this one to cook, clean, and feed Ty, because it's so user friendly. Paige and I made some delicious peanut butter cookies last Friday, both of us sporting our aprons. Thanks for the fabric for this one, Jamie!

I need to finish the embellishments on this one, the "Marilyn Monroe" apron. Trent thinks it looks like a little cocktail dress. I'm excited to use this one for hosting dinner parties in the future. It turned out pretty well, but was harder than it looked. I'll take another picture when it is totally complete. (Sorry about the strange angle. Trent wouldn't get off the couch to take the picture. Gotta love him!)

I can't wait to hear about Maren's apron escapades! Please post soon!

Friday, July 27, 2007


I finished my apron. I have been itching to get home today so that I could finish it and I am so glad that I did because I am in love! This is by far my most favorite one that I have done yet (I think I have said this after everyone that I finish). Anyways, it is super flirty and super sassy! I found the ribbon for the bow just lying around the house and it matched perfectly!

Ty laughed after he took this picture because he says my boob looks super big...I could have people fooled on the real size of by boobs if it didn't looks so abnormal compared to other one, oh well. After I finished this one, I felt like I need to wear my Grandmother's pearls and invite people over to our parlor to play games. But since I have any pearls, I settle for the necklace that I wore at my wedding! That works right? Christie, I love the fabric, it worked perfectly for this pattern, thank you so much for picking out, you did a fabulous job!

I will miss you.... kisses

Okay so this picture was taken at like 4am so I don't really mind the blurriness, because quite frankly that was my state of mind. I just wanted to show you my last apron for the next couple weeks while I'm gone. This is the "Retro Apron" by Carol Bla Bla Oates. I did an XL so it would fit similar to the 40's apron. The roll of paper I have at my house works great - it just has to be ironed (see Rachel for details). Only thing to keep in mind - is the neck is a little large. Measure and pin it before you sew and sew your bias tape or rickrack after you finish the neck. It doesn't explain this very clearly in the directions. Thanks to Rachel also for suggesting the detail on the pocket, it's a teapot inspired by Christie's "a". I have nothing really clever to say. I feel a little hung over, so I will just say I love ya girls and keep on sewing.

Secret Stitchers Forever

Warning: Cheese ahead!
I was searching for the 40's apron pattern that belongs to Maren's sis-in-law because I think it's one of our favorites and certainly the most functional. I saw these pictures of The Apron Girls and thought they were so cute. Hopefully 20 years from now we'll still all be friends and will still be taking pics of our aprons together--Maren blowing kisses at the camera and Jill wearing her latest and greatest fabric choices and Rachel displaying her perfect and patient new stitch and Jen so excited to finish another apron and me...giggling because being in front of the camera makes me oh so shy. Should I break out in song? "Secret Stitchers we are and stitchers we'll ever be, we'ere we go, wherever we may be...stitching friends we'll always be throughout eternity..." Okay, I sincerely apologize for the cheesiness.

Always needing validation

Hey Ladies... My family has a website thinger called - it's a lot like an interactive group blog. Anyway, I invited my family to check out our Secret Stitch Blog and I saw my mom posted a comment. I wanted to share it with you.

Molly Said: maren i think this is awesome since you have never even mentioned the word "sewing machine" I wasn't sure that you even knew what one looked like or what it's real purpose was. Material is so expensive. i love to sew but lost a lot of my desire when i see the cost of fabric. It makes me sad that i used to make all your clothes and underwear and all and miss it. I absolutely love the aprons they are so darling and remind me of my grandmothers aprons when I was a little girl. My grandma Hope used to wear one all the time. Then they were quite an item for the woman about the home and then we kind of got away from wearing them. Boy think of all the stained shirts i could have saved myself just by wearing an apron. I love them and the fabrics you all chose were so cute. I visited you apron page. What fun. I think I'm really jealous. I wish i could be doing it with you.

I know it's not that big of a deal, but I can't stop crying. It seems like there is never a point in your life where you stop needing your mother's validation and acceptance. You pretend you are all grown up, but every time she comes around you are ten years old again just wanting to please her. Anyone can criticize you and you can brush it off, but when a mom does it - it cuts like a knife. Anyway, this comment from her meant the world to me. I just thought you all might appreciate it too. If your reading this... I love you Mom.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our newest addition (with hers....)

Anyone who can come after 4 weeks and still likes us deserves a formal introduction:

Jen - (aka "Thimbelina" or AAG for "All American Girl") Jen is the whole wheat bread of the group. Sweet as apple pie al a mode with extra suga. Jen keeps her cool even when patterns and material need a good spanking to keep them in line and she sports the best Barbie-standard-issue hair we have ever seen, like a spool of silken thread... and if we are even in a pinch for some she should really run for cover. Welcome Jen & little thimble, we love having you in our group.

Yes.. but have you considered mother/daughter aprons

My favorite kitchen helper sporting her "KittyKatkins" (no. I did not make up that name) apron from her favorite store and mine, Target.

I love that these were done in reverse contrast material.

I can smell the peanut butter cookies being made right now.

After Chrsite's post, I couldn't help but see what "The WWW" held out there for mother/daughter apron duos. There are definately some cutie cute posibilities. And for those of you who do not have daughters, yet. Consider the cookies you could bake with "borrowed" little girls (I am not endorsing kidnapping) I'm mearly suggesting that if you have the desire to make a cute mini me replica of your favorite apron, and need a female child - Paige would be more than happy to fill in and make cookies with you. She is really handy in the kitchen, but watch out because she will eat half the dough before it makes it to the oven (that's my girl!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And the award goes to...

Today I was talking to Maren about making mother/daughter matching skirts. I thought It'd be cute while she's a little one. When she's older she will NOT want to and to be honest, I don't think I'll want to either. So I got online to find a pattern or some ideas and found out exactly why there is so much negativity toward mother/daughter outfits. Check these out! Which one do you think deserves the "I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead!" award?

The website I found this on said it was a best seller. Huh?
And then I found hope. Check out these cute families! I love
these. I'd have to alter for modesty. I'd probably even just make a skirt for me, but I love the fabric and I love that it is definitely not the "yes, I'm a mother and I will dress like the matronly frump I am." We can be cute too!

I found these here if you are ever interested.

We Had Visitors

Last night we had some fun visitors to apron night and we are so glad they came.

Chelsea with cutie-pie Ty. Ty was such a good boy. He may have just picked up a thing or two about sewing while he was there!
Shelene and Kim came and brought some fun stories and good laughs. Ty is definitely diggin' on Shelene wonder she calls him her boyfriend!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

EllynAnne Geisel & Apron Chronicles

I tried to get this video to post on the blog, but it kept failing, so I am just posting the url. This is an interesting little tidbit on EllynAnne Geisel, the writer of The Apron Book that we all love. She's a cute little lady with a fun southern accent and a lot to say about aprons! It's about 5 minutes so if you get a second check it out.

Monday, July 23, 2007


My distaste for bias tape has taken second to my latest annoyance: PLEATS! When I borrowed this half apron pattern from Maren, I said arrogantly to myself (and probably to Maren), "I can do pleats." Well, a little success on the first apron may have gone to my head too quickly. After more than an hour of pleating(and even some help from my mother), I had to turn off the light to my machine. I was hoping to have this one finished tonight, but I'll have let some steam off before I finish the job.

Some things never change!

I thought you ladies would appreciate these photos. The first one is Ty on Sunday sporting my apron and the second on was make when he was a teenager wearing his mom's arpon. I think he has a thing for aprons. Christie was saying how she wanted some action shots on of us in our aprons, I figure this is close enough for right now.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Girl's Night Out!

Hey stitchers! My brain is too fried to come up with anything cute or clever to say about our first ever Girl's Night Out (yes, I am capitalizing it because I think it should become an official holiday!). Here are the pics!

I will never forget the look on the lady's face as we, a gang of apron-clad gals ambushed her on her smoking break just to take a pic of us. She was probably thinking, "Why did I ever decide to work at a craft store? Who knew I would run into loonies like this?" I was going to zoom in on us before I posted the pic, but I like that the Joann sign is in the back.This picture makes me chuckle just looking at it. I love how intensely everyone is looking at this pattern. It's almost like you are all trying to figure out how to save the world from an earth-bound asteroid, instead of trying to determine how much fabric we really needed to buy. Jill & Rachel looking so cute in their aprons!
Maren mulit-talented dishing out the oh-so-yummy French silk ice cream while striking a pose worthy of a French runway. How do you do it?!
Jamie (the newest member of the club, if she wishes to join after spending an entire evening with the four of us) & Christie
And I took a pic of the ice cream because I'm thinking it needs to become an official member of the apron club also. All in favor?

Toile in motion

I'm finished with my old curtains, or maybe I should say that I'm finished with my latest apron (the pattern is awesome, simple and yet sassy - if you were wondering). Your thinking old curtains? Who does she think she is? Fraulein Maria. And the answer is yes. I would prefer that if you see me on the street - just start whistling a few bars from "How Do you Solve a Problem like Maria" and I will totally know that you get me. I guess I could make an argument based on the ecology and my carbon footprint, but Jason would just roll his eyes and think - here she goes again. Maybe I am taking this "green thing" a bit too far, but since joining this club, I have a hard time not sizing up most types of fabric that cross my path. I think to myself, those were some great sheets why let some old bag haggle me at my garage sale for 25 cents, is it worth it? no. and instead they become my "If these sheets could talk apron"
(wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more)Then when my sister Leslie bought her first & only home in Mesa - she had a hell of a time transforming the kitchen from electric blue cabinets and crusty old linoleum to it's final splendor. I know your thinking what the hell does this have to do with aprons? ... stay with me - she made a gorgeous black & white toile valance. When she sold the house I begged her for the curtains, which she handed over and made a matching baby one for my tiny bathroom window. Again your thinking... is this going anywhere? Well, I hung those curtains up for 2 years with my hodge podge room decor. This last spring I gave up on my toile vision when I found a decor set that spoke to my soul - long story short - how could I be apronista fashionista and throw out a perfectly good piece of toile fabric. Viola my latest creation! (and no you may not have the last 5 minutes of your life back... I have wasted it with pizazz, but you may sing "do a deer, a female deer" next time you see me). Ha!

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Holy Grail of Fabrics has been found

So maybe, just maybe - I am over exaggerating (so unlike me, I know) just a smidgen, but can I say I am just a little excited about this place... after spending a day running around with 4 kids, 2 crazy moms in a minivan in 118 degrees-feels-a-little-bit-more-like-hell-everyday-Arizona summer, and not to mention, not even the luxury of a few hours to do this in. We found ourselves driving clear in the "h" out to Apache Junction with the hopes of finding 'the diamond in the rough' only to get that dejavu sensation of being in the Joann's rummage bin. The exterior should have been a red flag the size of Jupiter, alerting us to what we were to find inside. We parked on faded and painted... could it be? carpet... really carpet? matted and worn, rotted by the dark star we call the sun. Are you sure it wasn't astro-turf, you ask? no. it was carpet sadly enough. There were a few boxes of "as-is patterns" with a NO REFUNDS sign hand written and ducktaped to the front of the box, and off color rickrack covered in in spiderwebs hanging from the ceiling like I had just entered the long lost tomb of Queen Your-the-first-customers-we've-seen-in-yers (not a misspell). The experience was topped off with Flo, yes that's right, Flo behind the counter who could have been mistaken for a mummified corpse, except that her cigarette butt was still glowing and it was hard to miss her Netflix choice of the month on her laptop, Brokeback Mountain. [lights fade, end of scene]. All I am asking is if there is anyway I can petition the city of AJ to reimburse us for our gas, wasted time, and the botox I need after listening to my kids fight for the entire trip?

So fast forward to this afternoon. I messed up on my times (what a shocker) and actually had an hour to kill before my private-way-over-priced-tutoring session, so I checked out the aforementioned 'holy grail' spot. It is technically in Chandler, but so close to Tempe you could mistake it for a bicycling-happy-to-be-green-recycler. It's on SW corner of Elliott & Alma School. Our little gem is called, "Zoe's Trunk" how cute is that? It is in a hideous strip mall, next to an assortment of cast off stores. But true to their Mary Poppinsish name, they have groups of fabric actually stowed in trunks, real life trunks, not card board boxes pretending to be trunks. It's all kinds of the stuff you'd expect to see in your run of the mill quilting shop BUT with dashes of Amy Butler patterns and prints, splashes of Michael Miller, and Moda prints that remind you just how pretty fabric can be. The crazy toothed salesclerk behind the counter was almost as excited about our club as our new found notoriety at Joann's has made Jill, I had to wipe a tear off her cheek as we both sighed over the beginning of a new found obsession with fabric and sewing machines (akin to the love of a mother to her new born babe). We became a quick friends as she showed off her gorgeous hand sewn bag from the back room. But it wasn't until she recited off their store hours (opened late ONLY on Tuesdays) that I knew... beyond a shadow of a doubt and with every fiber of my being - that I had found the Mecca I had been searching for. Oh yes ladies... let me be the first to say - "Game on."

Here's Another One!

I went looking at some of the other apron clubs that Christie posted and I cam across this apron that could be a great "wear nothing but an apron in the kitchen" apron and it made me laugh so I had to post it. I think Ty would just die if he came home and saw me in this! But Rachel is right, this is not appropriate for ladies such as ourselves!

Other Apron Clubs

I googled "apron club" just to see what I'd get. On the second page of the search results the Secret Stitch Apron Club appeared! Here are some other apron clubs:

*Pink Apron Club
*Leather Apron Club (this one was started by Benjamin Franklin and actually had nothing to do with aprons.)
*White Apron Club
*Village Kitchen Apron Club
*Ruffle Apron Club
*Purple Apron Club
* The Apronistas
*The Apron Girls

While I was searching I came across this sewer's apron. Isn't it cute? It's a functional apron that you actually use while you are sewing! And we've been wearing our cutesy non-sewing-functional aprons. What were we thinking? :)

So, even though there are other apron clubs, I think ours is the best: we have the cutest gals, the cutest name, the cutest blog, and the most fun!

One last thing: There is a restaurant in Zurich called the Apron Club - should we schedule our next girl's night out there? C'mon, where's your sense of adventure?!

Happy, Happy Birthday Rachel Dear!

I'm so excited that I get to start off Rachel's birthday tribute because she is one of my favorite people (what am I saying? You are all one of my favorite people! But today is Rachel's day!).
Here are some reasons I think Rachel is so great:

*She thinks of others and their needs. I remember after I had Myla she and Trent brought us a treat...and this was before I really knew her! (Lucky me, I've been the recipient of many yummy treats and dinners by the hand of Rachel!)

* She's always a pleasure to talk to. She's educated and intelligent, and isn't afraid to voice her views and opinions. It's very refreshing.

*She's got a beautiful singing voice and shares her talent with others. I, for one, really appreciate that!

*She's a great mom. It's so sweet to watch her with Ty.

(A little sidenote - This picture was taken at the zoo when Ty was 5 weeks old. Rachel was such a trooper, pushing her stroller all around the zoo, up and down the hills, 5 WEEKS after she had Ty. It was such a hot day too. She's quite the woman!)

* She strives for perfection.

* She is a great cheerleader to her friends. "You raise us up..." I am singing in my best Josh Groban voice.

*She is so much fun to be around!

*And, she doesn't think we are the biggest dorks in the world for starting an apron club--she joined right in and it's all the more fun because she's a part of it!

Happy birthday Rachel. I hope it's a great one for you!

Sheer Aprons?

Trent has requested that we make aprons that the husbands might enjoy. You know, something sheer. Here's an idea.

Just kidding. Really. This is a bit tacky for ladies of our stature!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

This Pretty Much Sums It Up!

So I was making the rounds on my blog list and my friend DNell, who lives in UT posted this blog that I thought all of us Apronista/Domestic Goddess' would really appreciate it. Check it out!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Nothing to wear to the ball

Okay. So I know we cancelled our Tuesday meeting in order that we should be somewhere else at the same time as our group... but Jen said she needed a 911 Emergency sewing night so that she can be mentally and physically prepared for our metaphorical ball. So, for anyone else out there that is a part of the 'desperate for a decent speciment to wear in public' underground section of our club - (and you know who you are and the shame that you feel) - Feel free to stop by on Tuesday for a super duper secret stitching night. I think 7:45 or 8:00 - should be sufficient. Those of you who are not apart of this degredation - you can stop by too, but if you show off your gorgeous half aprons (and you know who you are by your perma-grins) be prepared to get those perma-grins slapped off your smartly dressed faces... we are a bitter degraded bunch and will stoop pretty low.

We are Domestic Goddess'

Hey Ladies, here's my newest apron. I finished it last night at I think 1:00 o'clock in the morning! I love it, thanks you guys for making me not listen to Ty and go ahead with the fabric, how could I think I wouldn't love the combo of argyl and polka dots? I can't wait for next week!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Whole New World!

Today I took the kids to the library to check out some books for them and some books for me on digital photography. I wondered if they had any books on aprons and they had two! A whole new world of aprons has been opened to me! The first book The Apron Book: Making, Wearing, and Sharing a Bit of Cloth and Comfort by EllynAnne Geisel is awesome! It gives a brief history of apron, apron making and the women who wore them. It also gives directions on how to make several aprons. It has pictures and all kinds of fun stuff! You will love this book.

The second Aprons: Icons of the American Home by Joyce Cheney has a lot of great pictures and more detailed descriptions of aprons from different eras. You will love this one too.

I will bring them tomorrow to apron night and you can check them out. I have so many new ideas now on where we can take the apron club. I was thinking maybe we could do theme months. One of us could decide the theme for the month, like making original pockets, using different embellishments, maybe color of aprons, style of aprons, holiday themes, fabric of'll see what I mean when you see the books. There are so many ways we can make aprons!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Miss Jill

My apologies for posting this tribute a day late, but what good is a secret society if we don't honor one another's birthdays!?! I stole this infamous picture of Jillbert (as my husband lovingly refers to her) to remind us all why she is so fantastic!

Here are a few things I love about Jill:

She is kind to everyone. Even if they are unkind to her. (Hence St. Jill)
No one can sport a mullet quite like she can.
Though she rarely answers her phone, she is always there if you need her.
She plays a mean game of Settlers. Actually, any game is fun with Jill!
She single-handedly keeps Diet Coke in business. Okay...Maren helps too.
She loves her friend's children and treats them like she is their aunt.
She loves the girls she serves in Young Womens.
She has excellent taste in music.
She always looks super cute.
She taught herself how to quilt and sew.
She makes people feel good about themselves.
She's my friend. Aren't I lucky?!

Fellow stitchers, remember to pay tribute to Jill in your responses by posting some of your favorite things about Jill!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Could we label our group?

Would it be too much if we ordered labels and added them to our projects? Just a thought.

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