Friday, July 27, 2007

Always needing validation

Hey Ladies... My family has a website thinger called - it's a lot like an interactive group blog. Anyway, I invited my family to check out our Secret Stitch Blog and I saw my mom posted a comment. I wanted to share it with you.

Molly Said: maren i think this is awesome since you have never even mentioned the word "sewing machine" I wasn't sure that you even knew what one looked like or what it's real purpose was. Material is so expensive. i love to sew but lost a lot of my desire when i see the cost of fabric. It makes me sad that i used to make all your clothes and underwear and all and miss it. I absolutely love the aprons they are so darling and remind me of my grandmothers aprons when I was a little girl. My grandma Hope used to wear one all the time. Then they were quite an item for the woman about the home and then we kind of got away from wearing them. Boy think of all the stained shirts i could have saved myself just by wearing an apron. I love them and the fabrics you all chose were so cute. I visited you apron page. What fun. I think I'm really jealous. I wish i could be doing it with you.

I know it's not that big of a deal, but I can't stop crying. It seems like there is never a point in your life where you stop needing your mother's validation and acceptance. You pretend you are all grown up, but every time she comes around you are ten years old again just wanting to please her. Anyone can criticize you and you can brush it off, but when a mom does it - it cuts like a knife. Anyway, this comment from her meant the world to me. I just thought you all might appreciate it too. If your reading this... I love you Mom.


The Blakes said...

So, I'm totally PMSing , but I'm crying too just from reading this! Lately I have been seeking validation from my own mom while simultaneously trying to be Ms. Independent of her. But no matter what, she'll always be my mommy! Thank you so much for sharing!

Jill Manning said...

**SNIFF** **SNIFF** What a great post from your mom Maren, I can see why that would mean the world to you, those are some very precious things to hear from your mom! I wish she could come and see you in action, than she would be really impressed! I think we could do a whole Relief Society talk on our sewing clubs and feeling like our mom's or getting validation from them through our aprons, I know there is an amazing lesson somewhere in there!

Christie said...

Why is it that we spend our preteens trying to be just like our moms, our teens and young adulthood swearing we will NEVER be like our moms, and then our womanhood trying to prove ourselves to our moms (and ourselves)? Our moms are such powerful influences in our lives...I'm glad we all have good ones and it really makes me want to be a better one. Thank you Maren for sharing such a tender moment for you.

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