Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And the award goes to...

Today I was talking to Maren about making mother/daughter matching skirts. I thought It'd be cute while she's a little one. When she's older she will NOT want to and to be honest, I don't think I'll want to either. So I got online to find a pattern or some ideas and found out exactly why there is so much negativity toward mother/daughter outfits. Check these out! Which one do you think deserves the "I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead!" award?

The website I found this on said it was a best seller. Huh?
And then I found hope. Check out these cute families! I love
these. I'd have to alter for modesty. I'd probably even just make a skirt for me, but I love the fabric and I love that it is definitely not the "yes, I'm a mother and I will dress like the matronly frump I am." We can be cute too!

I found these here if you are ever interested.


The Blakes said...

My mom made my doll and I matching dresses, but never made matching dresses for us. I like the idea of coordinating outfits better than identical patterns. You go girl! I don't have a mini me yet!

Jill Manning said...

Holy Cow...those dresses are hilariously hideous! I think the winner is the big red one that has zero shape! You mights as well just stand straight and let people have a camp out underneath and than they can stick their sticks out and roast marshmallows on a fire and be protected from the rain! I love the idea of a mother/daughter outfit but not if it looks like that!

Maren said...

Those outfits are too much and is it any wonder that all those daughters pictured are still in therapy? no... it's expected. I like the last one. I like the idea of coordinating fabrics, it says we are vogue enough to care, but not crazy enough to want a xerox copy of ourselves.

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