Monday, July 30, 2007

Aprons in Action

I finished three aprons last week, but haven't posted any of them yet. The pictures aren't very good (except for the one with Paige), but it's all I've got to work with. It's rather hard trying to photograph yourself!
Oh, Trent, what were you really trying to take a picture of? I like to think of this apron as "Feat of the Pleats". I may attempt pleats again. After a nice, long break.

I lovingly refer to this apron as my "Little House on the Prairie" look. It really is my work apron. I always choose this one to cook, clean, and feed Ty, because it's so user friendly. Paige and I made some delicious peanut butter cookies last Friday, both of us sporting our aprons. Thanks for the fabric for this one, Jamie!

I need to finish the embellishments on this one, the "Marilyn Monroe" apron. Trent thinks it looks like a little cocktail dress. I'm excited to use this one for hosting dinner parties in the future. It turned out pretty well, but was harder than it looked. I'll take another picture when it is totally complete. (Sorry about the strange angle. Trent wouldn't get off the couch to take the picture. Gotta love him!)

I can't wait to hear about Maren's apron escapades! Please post soon!


Christie said...

I LOVE all three of your aprons. I love how different they all are. The pleated apron looks so good (and I have to say you are a little skinny minny). And I love the cherry one too! You will be the hostest with the mostest in that apron. Good job Rachel!

Jill Manning said...

I agree, I love all three aprons. I have not seen the "Feat the Pleat" apron in person that staying the drawer to ensure that nothing happens to the pleats that you sweated and poured your heart and soul into? I love that you call the flouncy one, "Marilyn Apron" it is so fitting, you look so adorable in it! Great job Rachel! I found a pattern that I am going to start on Thurs and yicks, it has darts! I don't know about that, it is the first step too!

Maren said...

Rachel great job on the aprons! I love functioanlity, my sheets are not pretty, but that is my best work apron. I'm very partial to the cherries - very cute!! Also, Jill my mom showed me a good trick for darts... I will tell you all about them somethime.

Jill Manning said...

Maren Great, I think I will need all the help that I can get. I am tempted to get two sets of fabric just in case this one with the darts proofs to be too much for me, at least I will have another apron to start on this Thurs, I am a little nervous about these darts...and on top of that, the pattern calls for bias tape, that blasted bias tape! This apron better for the cutest one yet for all the work and all the curse words that will be flown around because of it!

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