Friday, July 6, 2007

Coordinating Aprons?

Alright Secret Stitchers, we've got the blog, we've got the official night, we've even got a special "field trip" planned...what if we all made an official Secret Stitch Apron Club apron? I was just thinking we could all pick the same pattern - like maybe one of the new cute ones Jill is getting - and then get coordinating fabrics. So we wouldn't all have the exact same apron, we'd just be coordinating. Too cheesy? Is Christie going too far?


Jill Manning said...

Oh no Christie, you have not gone too far! I think it is a really cute idea and it would be so fun! Sign me up!

The Blakes said...

Count me in too! (Just realize I'm usually a week or two behind you quick stitchers!)

Maren said...

You know nothing is too cheesy for us. People think Trekies or Lord of the Ring Followers are obsessive dorks - hey we can give thema a run for their money! HA!

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