Sunday, July 22, 2007

Girl's Night Out!

Hey stitchers! My brain is too fried to come up with anything cute or clever to say about our first ever Girl's Night Out (yes, I am capitalizing it because I think it should become an official holiday!). Here are the pics!

I will never forget the look on the lady's face as we, a gang of apron-clad gals ambushed her on her smoking break just to take a pic of us. She was probably thinking, "Why did I ever decide to work at a craft store? Who knew I would run into loonies like this?" I was going to zoom in on us before I posted the pic, but I like that the Joann sign is in the back.This picture makes me chuckle just looking at it. I love how intensely everyone is looking at this pattern. It's almost like you are all trying to figure out how to save the world from an earth-bound asteroid, instead of trying to determine how much fabric we really needed to buy. Jill & Rachel looking so cute in their aprons!
Maren mulit-talented dishing out the oh-so-yummy French silk ice cream while striking a pose worthy of a French runway. How do you do it?!
Jamie (the newest member of the club, if she wishes to join after spending an entire evening with the four of us) & Christie
And I took a pic of the ice cream because I'm thinking it needs to become an official member of the apron club also. All in favor?


Jill Manning said...

I have been dying to see photos from that night...I love them! I need to start bringing my own camera because the suspense these that few days waiting for pics has been almost too much! That was such a fun night, and I am so glad that we had Jamie there to share it with us!

Maren said...

I am only kicking myself that we didn't get "smoking Sally" to take a picture with us. That really would have sealed the deal. I love the pics, loved the icecream, loved the night, and love the fabric! (Thanks Jill) I will get started on it when I get back from Utah. I'm all for making it an ongoing event, at least every 6 months.

The Blakes said...

6 months? I was thinking quarterly at the least! It was a grand evening for a great bunch of girls! We are so lucky we have each other!

Maren said...

I said at LEAST every 6 months, but Racheal is a girl after my own heart and I think quarterly is more like it!

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