Sunday, July 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Miss Jill

My apologies for posting this tribute a day late, but what good is a secret society if we don't honor one another's birthdays!?! I stole this infamous picture of Jillbert (as my husband lovingly refers to her) to remind us all why she is so fantastic!

Here are a few things I love about Jill:

She is kind to everyone. Even if they are unkind to her. (Hence St. Jill)
No one can sport a mullet quite like she can.
Though she rarely answers her phone, she is always there if you need her.
She plays a mean game of Settlers. Actually, any game is fun with Jill!
She single-handedly keeps Diet Coke in business. Okay...Maren helps too.
She loves her friend's children and treats them like she is their aunt.
She loves the girls she serves in Young Womens.
She has excellent taste in music.
She always looks super cute.
She taught herself how to quilt and sew.
She makes people feel good about themselves.
She's my friend. Aren't I lucky?!

Fellow stitchers, remember to pay tribute to Jill in your responses by posting some of your favorite things about Jill!


Christie said...

What an awesome tribute!! Jill is so awesome. I love that she is always ready with a smile and a compliment. I love that she is so willing to help. I love her stories. I love her taste in - well, just about everything (but especially fabric!). I love how she plays with Cade and Myla when she sees them - and she even remembers their names! And I love that she started our apron club! I'm glad to get to know you better Jill and I'm so glad to call you my friend. I hope your birthday was WONDERFUL!!

Jill Manning said...

You girls are just tooo sweet for words! Thank you for the tribute, I read it often when I need a warm and fuzzy! I am the blessed one to know you everyone in the SS Club and to have you all as my friends...this tribute is evidence of that! I can't wait for the next apron night, and for the one when Rachel will be with us again!

Maren said...

Jill's birthday was a dream come true at camp. I just wished she could have stayed a little longer. But everyone sang to her in every meeting and made such a big deal out of it. Jill's eyes were shining the entire day and she had a perma-grin always ready to flash your way. It was the best birthday bash. She is soooo loved and it's easy to see why. I love how Jill can be the funnest girl one minute, and quick to recognize the spirit the next minute. She is talented, she is funny, she makes me feel worthwhile and even laughs at all my dumb jokes! I love Jill Manning and I am so glad I know her.

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