Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy, Happy Birthday Rachel Dear!

I'm so excited that I get to start off Rachel's birthday tribute because she is one of my favorite people (what am I saying? You are all one of my favorite people! But today is Rachel's day!).
Here are some reasons I think Rachel is so great:

*She thinks of others and their needs. I remember after I had Myla she and Trent brought us a treat...and this was before I really knew her! (Lucky me, I've been the recipient of many yummy treats and dinners by the hand of Rachel!)

* She's always a pleasure to talk to. She's educated and intelligent, and isn't afraid to voice her views and opinions. It's very refreshing.

*She's got a beautiful singing voice and shares her talent with others. I, for one, really appreciate that!

*She's a great mom. It's so sweet to watch her with Ty.

(A little sidenote - This picture was taken at the zoo when Ty was 5 weeks old. Rachel was such a trooper, pushing her stroller all around the zoo, up and down the hills, 5 WEEKS after she had Ty. It was such a hot day too. She's quite the woman!)

* She strives for perfection.

* She is a great cheerleader to her friends. "You raise us up..." I am singing in my best Josh Groban voice.

*She is so much fun to be around!

*And, she doesn't think we are the biggest dorks in the world for starting an apron club--she joined right in and it's all the more fun because she's a part of it!

Happy birthday Rachel. I hope it's a great one for you!


Maren said...

I completely agree. Who is more fun than Rach? I love her outspoken opinions - makes me feel more normal, AND she makes the worlds yummiest desserts and i eat way too many of them.

The Blakes said...

Thanks for all the wonderful compliments girls! I feel warm and fuzzy all over! I'm so lucky to have such good friends (who put up with my stubborn, opinionated ways!).

Jill Manning said...

Oh where do I begin with how wonderful Rachel has been and forever will be? She is probably, hands down, the best visiting teacher I have ever had and probably the most thoughtful person I had ever met. I will never forget when randomly she called up to see if I needed anything for QT because she was heading over there. It was like she read my mind and that a QT DC was exactly what I needed right than. And there are all the times she has called and asked if I wanted to get a pedicure, or make and eat chocolate covered strawberries. I love having conversations with Rachel because she has so many insights (and very insightfuls ones too) that broaden my own thinking, I love it! And I totally admire how she connects with the youth in our ward. She is an inspiration with how she can teach them and build relationships with them...there is no doubt that she loves them and loves to teach them! THank you Rachel for being you and for allowing us to be your friend, we are blessed for it!

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