Monday, July 16, 2007

The Holy Grail of Fabrics has been found

So maybe, just maybe - I am over exaggerating (so unlike me, I know) just a smidgen, but can I say I am just a little excited about this place... after spending a day running around with 4 kids, 2 crazy moms in a minivan in 118 degrees-feels-a-little-bit-more-like-hell-everyday-Arizona summer, and not to mention, not even the luxury of a few hours to do this in. We found ourselves driving clear in the "h" out to Apache Junction with the hopes of finding 'the diamond in the rough' only to get that dejavu sensation of being in the Joann's rummage bin. The exterior should have been a red flag the size of Jupiter, alerting us to what we were to find inside. We parked on faded and painted... could it be? carpet... really carpet? matted and worn, rotted by the dark star we call the sun. Are you sure it wasn't astro-turf, you ask? no. it was carpet sadly enough. There were a few boxes of "as-is patterns" with a NO REFUNDS sign hand written and ducktaped to the front of the box, and off color rickrack covered in in spiderwebs hanging from the ceiling like I had just entered the long lost tomb of Queen Your-the-first-customers-we've-seen-in-yers (not a misspell). The experience was topped off with Flo, yes that's right, Flo behind the counter who could have been mistaken for a mummified corpse, except that her cigarette butt was still glowing and it was hard to miss her Netflix choice of the month on her laptop, Brokeback Mountain. [lights fade, end of scene]. All I am asking is if there is anyway I can petition the city of AJ to reimburse us for our gas, wasted time, and the botox I need after listening to my kids fight for the entire trip?

So fast forward to this afternoon. I messed up on my times (what a shocker) and actually had an hour to kill before my private-way-over-priced-tutoring session, so I checked out the aforementioned 'holy grail' spot. It is technically in Chandler, but so close to Tempe you could mistake it for a bicycling-happy-to-be-green-recycler. It's on SW corner of Elliott & Alma School. Our little gem is called, "Zoe's Trunk" how cute is that? It is in a hideous strip mall, next to an assortment of cast off stores. But true to their Mary Poppinsish name, they have groups of fabric actually stowed in trunks, real life trunks, not card board boxes pretending to be trunks. It's all kinds of the stuff you'd expect to see in your run of the mill quilting shop BUT with dashes of Amy Butler patterns and prints, splashes of Michael Miller, and Moda prints that remind you just how pretty fabric can be. The crazy toothed salesclerk behind the counter was almost as excited about our club as our new found notoriety at Joann's has made Jill, I had to wipe a tear off her cheek as we both sighed over the beginning of a new found obsession with fabric and sewing machines (akin to the love of a mother to her new born babe). We became a quick friends as she showed off her gorgeous hand sewn bag from the back room. But it wasn't until she recited off their store hours (opened late ONLY on Tuesdays) that I knew... beyond a shadow of a doubt and with every fiber of my being - that I had found the Mecca I had been searching for. Oh yes ladies... let me be the first to say - "Game on."


The Blakes said...

When do we go? When do we go?
I can't wait to see the treasures with my own eyes! Your trauma filled morning yesterday just prepared you for the sweet experience of your discovery last night - I'm sure of it!

Christie said...

Yes, carpet for a parking lot...that is when I KNEW we were in AJ. Despite the heat, and the kids, and the disappointing finds I still had fun! I am SO SO SO excited to see this place. In fact, I was thinking of maybe running over there sometime this week just so I can see the "holy grail" of fabrics.

Jill Manning said...

Maren, I loved your account! Please tell me a blog is coming soon because I know yours would be so entertaining to read. And I can't wait check it out as well. I looked it up on the internet and they have a really small website, just pictures, but I can see exactly why this place is the "holy grail" beacuse it is adorable and the fabrics everywhere look so delicious! Great Job finding it Maren!

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