Friday, July 6, 2007

I don't HEART you Bias Tape!

Okay, I decided to go a little crazy with my apron last night at around 10 pm and brave the bias tape. I thought I was doing so good and that I had beat the little devil...that is until I was checking the last row and that little strip of fabric completely pulled away from my apron like it was too good to be a part of it. I was furious! I knew there was going to be trouble when working with bias tape because of Christie's adventures and considering the cursing that does take place on Apron Night is usually heard as a result of bias tape! There has got to be a easier way to make our aprons look cute and finished? Why hasn't anyone thought of self-adhesive bias tape (there's an idea for America's Top Inventors) or here's a thought, why did they invent it at all? My first apron didn't have any bias tape involved (thank goodness, I don't know if this whole I Heart Apron obsession would have made it this far). My second dealt alot with ric-rac, I thought that was the devil but it was replaced by "The Tape." I will take ric-rac over bias tape any day. Well, I promised a post on my thoughts on bias tape and so here it is, it sucks! Talk about a nasty necessary evil! I think it knows it too and that is why it feels like it can string you along to make you think you are doing such a good job sewing and than fall apart in your hands! I mean it, I don't heart bias tape!


Christie said...

I DON'T heart bias tape either! How funny, last night I was considering starting my new apron, but one look at that bias tape package and I knew I needed sleep in order to charge up my bias tape patience. And then I had an overnight inspiration -- maybe BT just needs a little love. Maybe we need to say (in our sweet-as-sugar voices), "BT, we really do love you. You are cute and sweet and so very flexible. Please, BT, work with me?" I'll go try it right now. I can tell you one thing though, if BT talks back, he's going in the pit of crazy-talking-back-notions (I'm sure there's one of those somewhere).

The Blakes said...

As I was cursing over my BT issues, my mother, who was over, calmly said, "Rachel, it took me 30 years to become an accomplished seamstress. You can't expect perfection in just a few sittings." Take it for what it's worth, but don't let the BT get the best of you. We shall overcome!

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