Thursday, July 5, 2007

Meet the Fantastic Four of Apron Night

Despite this group being the brain child of Jill & Christie, I (Maren) was quick to offer my house as the meeting grounds so I could get in on the action. Thus being said, I have loved every minute of it and the fact that our gatherings might start unofficially at quarter after seven but there is no ending time in sight, is something I truly revel in. In truth closing time does not happen until after the apron reaches a point that gives us some sense of accomplishment. When that binding tape (blasted crap) gets sewn on for the third time or the gathering of a pocket finally has enough gumption to show some slight wrinkledge that could be considered worthy of it's name. Or the Mount Everest of hopes - the apron is considered "done" (but-please-keep-your-distance-or-it-might-fall-apart-just-by-you-getting-close-enough-to-touch-it, OR kindly-don't-comment-on-the-straightness-of-my-stitching-or-I-may-slap-you). This is a level of achievement only known to the ladies of stitchery that attend this group. This club would be nothing without the infamous apron girls that come every week. It is now my pleasure to introduce them to you. I take credit for every and all exaggerations and the blatant lies that I've concocted on their behalf.

Jill - (aka "Tall J", or "Saint Jill") Jill has a skill for picking the best retro fabric combinations that has yet to be challenged. She is not only fun and nice to a fault, but also worries that everyone has a good time and is included (not necessarily a good thing - the guilt can get intense). That's why she's the saint and not me. She has been known to get a little slap happy after a few too many Diet Cokes, but that is what we love most about Jill. Keep on chuggin' girlie.

Cristie - (aka "Scizzor Legs" or "SG" for SuperGirl) Christie leads the group in sewing experience (which is not saying very much, it's more like guilt by association - we're still trying to recruit the masked man of sewing skills). She is "the true blue" make-you-feel-good-about-your-piece-of-crap-project-OR-hideous-choice-in-fabrics-by-sacrificing-her-own-fantastic-fabric-in-order-to-keep-you-happy, because she is a genuinely sweet person and really cares about others.

Rachael - (aka "Slipstitch-Rach" or "Blessed Blake") Rachael is our clever socialite. She is our connection to the Underworld of Stitchery, having grown up in the area and knows all the old ladies with the best Singers, Bernina's, and useless advice. Rachael keeps things real and is our element of class that keeps us out of the metaphorical trailer park.

Maren - (aka "Bobbins Buchanan" or "Swearin'Maren") Maren is quick with the witty comments (except that she is the only one that finds herself funny, which is kind of funny in itself). She has actually proved useful to the group in figuring out most of our mint condition machines, with the grace and language of a street mechanic, true to her nickname at all times especially when sewing.


Jill Manning said...

Thanks Maren! I love this post tons! I am convinced that you need to start a blog because I love the way you wrote this blog! I don't mind people getting to know me through that description! Well done, bravo!

The Blakes said...

Excellent introductions. But I am Rachel without the extra a. I'll let it go this time. I hope I don't steal your "swearin" Marin title when my patience runs out. I have been known to utter a few unladylike words in times of desperation.

Christie said...

So funny! I'm so excited it works and that everyone can post!!! Ok, I am the queen of exclamation points...but I just looked at Jill's and she is too! I love our descriptions Maren, you are hilarious.

Rachel, (without an "A") YOU utter unladylike words? I'll believe it when I hear it. Hee hee.

Christie said...

And Maren, I find you hilarious. I enjoy your witty comments. I'll admit, it took me a couple of times of hanging out with you to figure out when you were kidding. I'm sure you thought I was pretty clueless. That's what's great about you--subtle humor.

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