Thursday, July 5, 2007

My First Creation...Finally!

So I think I am the slowpoke of the group, but I've finally got a finished product! I was so excited to post a picture, I didn't even bother to comb my hair. Don't mind the frumpy, make-up-less woman behind the masterpiece. (I did shower today.) Just marvel at the creation that is before you. (But please, don't marvel too closely, there is an abundance of flaws.) Finishing this project was simply exhilarating. Who knew making an apron could give you a high! Thanks, ladies, for all your inspiration and cheer leading. I couldn't have done it with out you. And thanks mom for peering so closely over my shoulder when I dusted off my sewing machine after 2 years of hiding in the closet.


Christie said...

Rachel that apron is sew cute!! (Ok, pun intended.) Seriously adorable. Trent is going to love coming home to his lovely lady in polka dots. Great job!

Jill Manning said...

I love that you came running over to show me, there is such a high that comes from finishing an apron, especially when it turns out as cute as yours did! I love it! You have inspired me to finish mine, I can only hope it turns out as cute as yours. Well done!

Maren said...

I love it and the fact that 3 of us picked up the same dang fabric! We are truly "kindred" as Anne (the "e" is not optional, but Cordilia is) would say... so frick'n cute.

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