Friday, July 13, 2007

Nothing to wear to the ball

Okay. So I know we cancelled our Tuesday meeting in order that we should be somewhere else at the same time as our group... but Jen said she needed a 911 Emergency sewing night so that she can be mentally and physically prepared for our metaphorical ball. So, for anyone else out there that is a part of the 'desperate for a decent speciment to wear in public' underground section of our club - (and you know who you are and the shame that you feel) - Feel free to stop by on Tuesday for a super duper secret stitching night. I think 7:45 or 8:00 - should be sufficient. Those of you who are not apart of this degredation - you can stop by too, but if you show off your gorgeous half aprons (and you know who you are by your perma-grins) be prepared to get those perma-grins slapped off your smartly dressed faces... we are a bitter degraded bunch and will stoop pretty low.

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Jill Manning said...

So I don't want to start an apron without the new patterns coming in BUT, I do have a pattern that I found for a smock top that is really adorable and I think I may bring that and try making that as a filler, we will see though, I have another huge assignment due Tues night that I will probably procastinate on and will need to work on.

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