Monday, July 16, 2007

Other Apron Clubs

I googled "apron club" just to see what I'd get. On the second page of the search results the Secret Stitch Apron Club appeared! Here are some other apron clubs:

*Pink Apron Club
*Leather Apron Club (this one was started by Benjamin Franklin and actually had nothing to do with aprons.)
*White Apron Club
*Village Kitchen Apron Club
*Ruffle Apron Club
*Purple Apron Club
* The Apronistas
*The Apron Girls

While I was searching I came across this sewer's apron. Isn't it cute? It's a functional apron that you actually use while you are sewing! And we've been wearing our cutesy non-sewing-functional aprons. What were we thinking? :)

So, even though there are other apron clubs, I think ours is the best: we have the cutest gals, the cutest name, the cutest blog, and the most fun!

One last thing: There is a restaurant in Zurich called the Apron Club - should we schedule our next girl's night out there? C'mon, where's your sense of adventure?!


Maren said...

I am all for Zurich - it's just a hop skip and a jump from Italy... che bella Italia - mi moncha la mia paese

Jill Manning said...

Did I hear somebody say Zurich? I just put my passport in my apron pocket and I am ready to go. And we can climb the Matterhorn while we are there (probably one of my favorite mountains) and instead of posting the American flag, we can put the aprons that we wear on the climb on a pole and have those flap in the wind. Okay, when do we start?

The Blakes said...

I'm sure our husbands would front us all the money we need for such a splendid little trip, being that it's for a good cause!

Jill Manning said...

yeah, we can say it is for posterity, you can't fight that right?

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