Sunday, July 22, 2007

Toile in motion

I'm finished with my old curtains, or maybe I should say that I'm finished with my latest apron (the pattern is awesome, simple and yet sassy - if you were wondering). Your thinking old curtains? Who does she think she is? Fraulein Maria. And the answer is yes. I would prefer that if you see me on the street - just start whistling a few bars from "How Do you Solve a Problem like Maria" and I will totally know that you get me. I guess I could make an argument based on the ecology and my carbon footprint, but Jason would just roll his eyes and think - here she goes again. Maybe I am taking this "green thing" a bit too far, but since joining this club, I have a hard time not sizing up most types of fabric that cross my path. I think to myself, those were some great sheets why let some old bag haggle me at my garage sale for 25 cents, is it worth it? no. and instead they become my "If these sheets could talk apron"
(wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more)Then when my sister Leslie bought her first & only home in Mesa - she had a hell of a time transforming the kitchen from electric blue cabinets and crusty old linoleum to it's final splendor. I know your thinking what the hell does this have to do with aprons? ... stay with me - she made a gorgeous black & white toile valance. When she sold the house I begged her for the curtains, which she handed over and made a matching baby one for my tiny bathroom window. Again your thinking... is this going anywhere? Well, I hung those curtains up for 2 years with my hodge podge room decor. This last spring I gave up on my toile vision when I found a decor set that spoke to my soul - long story short - how could I be apronista fashionista and throw out a perfectly good piece of toile fabric. Viola my latest creation! (and no you may not have the last 5 minutes of your life back... I have wasted it with pizazz, but you may sing "do a deer, a female deer" next time you see me). Ha!


The Blakes said...

No one wears curtains like you do, Maren! They look great!

Christie said...

Maria, eh, are a genius! The apron is great. I would have never known.

Jill Manning said...

I had no idea that that apron used to be your curtains...I am so impressed! You definitely know how to make "green" cool! have to be one of the best story tellers around...I love your blog entries! Can't wait to see what else you morph into an apron, the possibilities are endless for you now.

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