Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We Had Visitors

Last night we had some fun visitors to apron night and we are so glad they came.

Chelsea with cutie-pie Ty. Ty was such a good boy. He may have just picked up a thing or two about sewing while he was there!
Shelene and Kim came and brought some fun stories and good laughs. Ty is definitely diggin' on Shelene wonder she calls him her boyfriend!


The Blakes said...

I loved all of our extra visitors last night. I do hope they come back again!

Jill Manning said...

I was showing Ty the first picture of the Club at the bottom of the page and all there was, was Christie, Maren and than me behind the camera. Than I looked at the picture with our wonderful visitors and the place was overflowing! I can't believe what our little humble club is turning into. Is this same feeling that parents get seeing their babies grow up?

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