Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yes.. but have you considered mother/daughter aprons

My favorite kitchen helper sporting her "KittyKatkins" (no. I did not make up that name) apron from her favorite store and mine, Target.

I love that these were done in reverse contrast material.

I can smell the peanut butter cookies being made right now.

After Chrsite's post, I couldn't help but see what "The WWW" held out there for mother/daughter apron duos. There are definately some cutie cute posibilities. And for those of you who do not have daughters, yet. Consider the cookies you could bake with "borrowed" little girls (I am not endorsing kidnapping) I'm mearly suggesting that if you have the desire to make a cute mini me replica of your favorite apron, and need a female child - Paige would be more than happy to fill in and make cookies with you. She is really handy in the kitchen, but watch out because she will eat half the dough before it makes it to the oven (that's my girl!)


The Blakes said...

After this post, you'd better send Paige to me fully outfitted in an apron. Otherwise, she may be wearing our peanut butter cookie dough!

And maybe I'll make a cute mini-me apron in advance. You can never be too prepared!

Christie said...

I can't tell you which ones I like better, the pink or the yellow gingham! Both adorable, and both on my list of things I'd like to make...that list is getting pretty dang long right about now!

Christie said...

Wait, the absolute cutest one of them all is sweet Paige! How could I not have written that in the first place?! Maybe she could come over and teach Myla a thing or two. Hold on...Myla just started walking, maybe baking should be put on hold for a bit. But when she's mastered walking she will be doing the baking, cleaning, dishes, laundry...there are no free rides at the McMillan house. Hee hee.

Maren said...

Christie should we just start calling her Mylarella? and wouldn't she be cute in a little peasant dress with apron? I figured, you don't really need to have a daughter to make a childs apron... there is never a shortage of neices, friends, and strangers. And could you really call yourself a cool grandma if you didn't have like 6 cutie pie kids aprons to choose from? (I guess that last remark should be directed at Jill)

Jill Manning said...

Oh my goodness, Paige is so beautiful and so stinkin cute in her pink apron! I am in love with the pink and cream coordinating aprons, I want to do that one so badly! Where can we find that pattern?

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