Wednesday, August 22, 2007

All Country!

Here is the final product of an apron that I started about a month ago, and the wait was so worth it! I love this one, it has the practicality of the 40's apron but a little bit more pizazz. I took the pattern from the "The Apron Book" that Christie checked out at the library and I actually had to make my own bias tape...not as difficult to do. Actually, Mare brought over a Martha Stewart Living Magazine a loooong time ago and it had an article in it about making bias tape and it proved very fruitful, along with a handy tool that I found at Joanns! The fabric is total control but that is exactly what I wanted, I love the raspberries and the polka dots! If anyone needs the pattern, I have it all cut out and ready to be used! See you all tomorrow, can't wait to be reunited with everyone again!
P.S. I just got Chelsea-fied today and so my hair does not look this cute all the time, she is just a total hair goddess!


Christie said...

I can't wait to see it in person!! It looks adorable! Again, so glad to have you back Jill. I think you will have to hold a seminar entitled "How to Make Your Own Bias Tape." I love that it matches.

The McMillans said...

Um...without words, I am in love with this pattern. In absolute love with. I am a huge fan of the lines in the 4o's. Your hair matches the sparkle in your eyes!

The Blakes said...

You are the conquerer. I thought pleats would be the death of me, but home made bias tape is down right hellish! Congrats on another darling finished product!

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