Friday, August 24, 2007

A babypron! (thanks Christie for the play on words)

Because I have been bored of sesame street re-runs, and can no longer spend any money at the fabric store, (my monthly allowance was swallowed up by my last purchase) I decided that I would make my own pattern for a baby. I chuckled the whole time thinking, who the heck thinks of stuff like this, I must be seriously deranged. But then when I put it on my little Oliver, I decided that my creativity would bring a little bit of joy to you all in Arizona. This Apron is definitely cuter in person. If you all would like the pattern, I can send it on down, just let me know. Wish I could come to Apron night!


The Blakes said...

It's so tiny! Love it! Maren spoiled us and made babyprons for some of us with babies and they are darling. Hopefully she'll post them soon! (I don't want to steal her thunder.)

And we wish you could come to apron night every week too!

Jill Manning said...

Something tells me you would have loved Apron Night this last week...I'll let Christie tell you why **wink wink**. It would be a blast to have you with us, are you planning on making it out to AZ anytime soon? We would all love to meet you! The apron is adorable, it is kind of eerie that you made your own babypron and Maren did it too here at the same time...we are all kindred spirits here in the apron club!

Maren said...

That is way tooo cute!! And so much smaller than the ones I made. i absolutely love it and expect you to make one for me if/when I ever have another one. It is beyond adorable- and so is your little one.

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