Friday, August 17, 2007

This happens to be the most spastic situation ever! I ran to the fabric store the other evening with both kids. I grabbed two fabrics that I liked and decided to make my friend who is stationed in Germany an apron. Her husband was just sent to Iraq so I am feeling very sad for her and wanted to cheer up her life a little. I am pleasantly surprised by how well the two fabrics jam together. And quite happy that the SINGLE FOLD bias tape that I bought on ACCIDENT because my children are not very patient at fabric stores, was easier in the end to work with!!! Most of the creations I make that end up looking half decent are because I don't put much energy or effort into it. Total apron making time: 1 hour 45 minutes.

I hope she can prance around the house in this apron and make the 15 months go by faster!

PS. whoever picked out this pattern...bless you!


The Blakes said...

What an awesome gift for your friend! This pattern was one of my favorites by far. I love it!

Maren said...

What pattern is that one? It doesn't look familiar? But I like the spontinaity and making one for a friend.

Christie said...

It looks like the diner apron, but she altered the pockets. Instead of having two useless pockets that rip if you put your pinky finger in them, there is one big pocket. I love it...good idea. Those two fabrics do go together. YOu have the eye, I wouldn't have chosen them either, but they look good!

Jill Manning said...

I love the whole thing, the fabrics, the pattern, the way you randomly put the two fabrics together and that you made it to cheer up your friend. What a sweet idea, and what a sweet friend! Good work, you did a great job!

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