Sunday, August 5, 2007

Here is a picture of Em and I at the last Apron Night, she did a great job with her first apron huh? It was so fun to have her and Kim with us...ladies we are trendsetters, no doubt about it!


Maren said...

Check out those bella babes! I'm so glad Em came. Kim & Em are the cutest lil girls ever! Hey you never know maybe after 10-12 months of missionary talk by 3 over bearing RM sister missionaries... we might have a couple more converts... tee hee hee

The Blakes said...

So sorry I've been MIA on the last few posts. Our internet crashed Thursday night and we just got it back today. 3 days without the web was murder!

Jill Manning said...

We are so glad to have you back, I had to constantly remind myself that you weren't responding because Cox couldn't get their act together.

Christie said...

I'm so glad Emily and Kim are coming. They are so much fun!

Rachel, our Cox has been out all day too. When Cox goes out we can't use our phone because we have Vonage. SO annoying. Glad you're back to the land of tech.

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