Saturday, August 4, 2007

His & Hers Aprons!

Okay girls, first of all I apologize for posting so much today! But I had to share what I found on this blog - his and hers aprons! I love how they coordinate but are still unique. So fun! I have a pattern that would probably work for the mapron. It's a generic work apron, and then we could use any one of the other apron patterns for the woman's apron, just coordinate the fabric. I'm so inspired! (As if I didn't have enough projects on my list...I think I might move this up to the top, or second or third at least.)


Jill Manning said...

I want that argyle pattern...that is so dreamy, seriously, where do I need to go to get my hands on that? I love the idea of coordinating maprons and aprons. Do your think the argyle comes in twill?

Maren said...

Jason would laugh his head off at me, but my gay brother would think it was a dream come true.

Jill Manning said...

hahahahaha, I laughing my head off right now! THanks for the laugh Maren!

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