Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm SEW Frustrated!

Remember the LOVE I was showing my sewing machine last week? Remember when I said that we'd never part? Remember when I said that I love her and feel like she's my friend? Remember how I said, "I don't know what I'll do when she kicks the bucket?"Well, I'm about ready to kick her. Part of me feels immensely guilty for betraying my sweet sewing machine and talking about her behind her back; the other part of me feels betrayed because she's not working for me! I've done everything I know how to do, but my expertise is very limited...especially since we don't have a manual for her. I have found many sites where I can order a manual, and will probably do that--after my sweet hubby comes home and has a look at her. In the meantime, she is sitting on my table next to the pile of material I have cut up looking at me rather defiantly. When she's working again we are going to have a serious conversation. She simply cannot pull this nonsense on an Apron Club Night. And yet here she is...pulling it. So hopefully I will come to apron night with a functional sewing machine. If not, well, hanging out with you fine women will be a blast, but there will be a part of me missing--my sewing machine.


Jill Manning said...

Oh my goodness, what is your machine thinking? And you're right, on Apron Night of all nights, have you not sat down with her and gone over the rules? She will need a strong talking to when the is revived but until then, happy, postive words of encourage is what is necessary to get both her and you through this difficult and trying time. Good luck and we hope you make it to Apron Night...maybe we can borrow Maren's machine for tonight?

The McMillans said...

I have utter compassion right now, I am so sorry about your machine. Let's all remember the rules. (for machines.) Thou shalt not make thy master upset. Thou shalt have no master's accept thy master. Thou shalt never bear false witness in the bobbin, or thread tensions. Thou shalt never break the covenenant of hardy deliverance on Apron night!

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