Friday, August 10, 2007

It's Official!

So, without further delay, I am thrilled to announce the making of my very first Apron. Here are my thoughts: Bias tape is left brained, and almost requires the coordination that a very skilled pianist has when playing Bach, or Chopin. I do not with all intention have the skills of a basketball player or a violinist, or a my bias tape situation leaves much to be desired. Also, when putting the side panels of this particular pattern on, make sure you put them on right the first time, other wise the side straps fit very nicely tucked in your arm pits. The Apron however, not flattering at all. Attaching the panels incorrectly will ultimately remind you once again of bias tape, and unpicking 3 yards of bias tape will, in fact make your eyes bug out. The end result however, worth every moment! Thank you ladies, for the pattern, the fabric and my new best friend:
Bias Tape!

Also, I thought it only fair to post the most hideous picture of myself I have ever seen, proof that it was late and I had worked hard to finish it!


Christie said...

I think it's gorgeous, as are you. And I'm glad you have struck up a friendship with good ol' BT. I, on the otherhand, still consider him somewhat of a nuisance. :) Thanks for posting a pic of looks great!!

The Blakes said...

We all feel a little disgruntled with bias tape! I love the apron - it looks fabulous!

Jill Manning said...

I love those fabrics together, you did a great job! Yes, that particular apron is my husbands favorite but I informed him that he needed to pick a new favorite because I will never work with that much bias tape ever again! It is the devil's tool I tell ya. I told the other ladies that my personal hell would be sewing and ripping out bias tape while listening to Michael Bolton over the P.A. You are a better person for befriending the dear poor soul. I love your entries, keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

You did a fantastic job on the apron! I have the same pattern but totally cheated and didn't use any bias tape, just sewed the seams together, it worked well. Just a new idea for that pattern: I kind of thought that the contrast in the front looked a little awkward in that it didn't continue into the side of the apron so I cut out a piece of contrasting material following the same width as the front and sewed it onto the side piece, so it looked like it was a continuous piece, to me it looked more finished.

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