Saturday, August 4, 2007

My Distraction from Dart Making

So, I am dying to start my apron with the black and white fabric BUT I can't seem to figure out how to make darts and there aren't any good tutorials online, so I deviated a little from my apron and finished my Celebrate Banner...check it out!

I am in love with it and my oldest sister called me up like five minutes after I posted pics of it on my blog and she said I motivated her to start on her own and that she has been meaning to make one for a while. For her to say this is a HUGE compliment, everything that girl touches turns to pure gold. And than she was telling me about this really cute Fourth of July banner that she saw and I think I have found my next banner to conquer...this one is adorable!

She found it on, she has a really cute style to her crafts! Now I just have not choice but to figure out these dang darts...anyone have any advice or tips? Oh wait...I can read the new Harry Potter book to stall, that sounds like a great idea!


Christie said...

Jill that looks adorable! You did such a great job on it! It seriously looks professionally done, like I would buy it at one of those cutesy craft stores. Except BETTER! Great job! I think your next one should be one that says "Boo" or "Treats" or something Halloweeny. So cute!

Maren said...

Hey... Jill I will be back in a week and I can totally help you with the darts. I think if I try to explain them - I will do more damage. I'm not so great at expressing myself, but great with grunts, "thingy's, and yeahs.

Jill Manning said...

I actually conquered the darts and I think they turned out half way decent. I just braved it and went for it. You will have to tell me if I did them right. Can't wait for you to come home, we hope you are having a blast!

The Blakes said...

I'm so stinkin' excited to finish mine now! It looks marvelous in pictures, but even better in person!

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