Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Dream Machine

So just like Jill I am on a quest to find my wand (aka dream machine) and I think I have found it. It is called the Singer HD 110 (I know your thinking, "what the h.. is the HD for") that, Loverly Ladies. stands for Heavy Duty. This isn't a machine for pansy lightweights. It's a serious green fighting (or sewing) machine. Not to be trifeled with by the faint of stitch.

This is pure street stuff. Do not doubt it's streetness. It is "green S from the block" - but can it sew canvas, or fleece without bunching, you inquire? Sweetie - I can do more than that, it will slam dunk your denim before it even knew what hit it. It is revered for it's reupolstering uses. It is simple - it don't need no fancy controls - it don't do no fancy stitching. And honestly, when the hell am I going to be embroidering daisies and butterflies I ask you! It won't happen. I know I want to spend around $300 and everything in that league and above is for the quivering quilters, ready with thier laptops to programme the latest kitten and flower patterns into their sewing machines... whoa slow down there techie gramma - you are way too advanced for me. I need to keep it on the down low. I need to keep it simple and REAL. Since joining our group I have made 8 aprons and have used a total of 3 different stiches. Plus the fact that it has a cool retro design and a 25 year warrenty helps. Yep, I found my machine. THIS IS MY WAND!! (Now if I can just wait until my birthday in November)


Christie said...

Awesome! I love it...and I love that it's green! I propose an early birthday gift...think Jason will go for it?

The McMillans said...

Maren, I love your practicality when it comes to possessing a very fine crafted, super strong sewing device. I also adore your entries, and love your name!

The Blakes said...

I'm sold! But I will have to live (or sew) vicariously through you since my own machine is brand stinkin' new and there is no chance in Hades I can justify an upgrade!

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