Tuesday, August 14, 2007

a tribute to muffins while wearing aprons

While we were in Utah we watched this crazy home video about Cunningham Muffins on Youtube. My kids and all the cousins couldn't get enough of it. They watched it over and over and over again. It reminded me of making movies with my friends when we were kids and how funny we thought we were. So I posted it as a tribute to home movies and the fact that he is wearing an apron that reminds me of my grandmas, but also because this morning my kids started to recite the skit and it was too cute not to record, plus James is wearing my apron. Check it out! It is too cute.


The Blakes said...

I loved it! Quite the actors! James just doesn't have much of an "apeltite" does he?

Jill Manning said...

Ty and I both love this video...especially the blood muffins. Your kids are so sweet...I love how James says "appetite." Thanks for sharing!

Christie said...

Maren, your kids are so cute! I love that they are acting it out. That is so cute.

That video was insane. I loved it My favorites were the fish muffin, the cigarette muffin, and the way he said berry, like "strawbury". Funny. I might get the star wars muffin for Kevin. :)

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