Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Utah Chapter of the SSC

I'd like everyone to meet Aubrey, the newest member of the Secret Stitch Club. Aubrey is actually the Utah chapter of the SSC and is my sister-in-law (Kevin's brother's wife). Since Aubrey has her first apron (and that is the established rule of the SSC, to be introduced on the blog when the first apron is completed--aren't we so official with our rules?!) I just wanted to tell you all a bit about her, since you probably won't get to meet her in person, therefore getting to the know the greatness that is Aubrey. Aubs (affectionately called by her friends and family) is one of my favorite people. She looks for the best in life and has the greatest laugh! Everyone is always laughing when Aubrey is around...she's the life of the party. She is the mother of two beautiful little boys; Aiden, 2 and Oliver, 5 months. She is an opera singer and a voice teacher. She's wonderful. She is also a great little seamstress, so hopefully she'll be able to give us some great pointers! I just sent Aubs a pattern that we all use, so in between teaching voice lessons and caring for her two little boys and hubby she'll be whipping up some cutesy aprons for sure! She'll be contributing to the blog now, so hopefully you'll get to know her a little better. Welcome Aubs!

Aubrey and Christie


Jill Manning said...

Welcome Aubrey! We are so thrilled to have a Utah Chapter of our humble but way cool Apron Club and from what Christie has said about you, that you are the one heading it up! YAHOO! Can't wait to hear about your apron adventures in UT! Come and visit sometimes!

The Blakes said...

Woo Hoo for expansion! I can't wait for my friend in Connecticut to get her chapter going!

Christie said...

Connecticut too?! That will be awesome. We're going nationwide ladies!

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