Friday, September 21, 2007

Everything I've Learned of Life...

...I learned at Apron Night! So, after Apron Night I was laying in bed and just laughing to myself as I was thinking back on last night. What a fun night it was, don't you agree? (Okay, so I am watching Bridgett Jones' Diary right now, so insert British accent here). For those who missed it or couldn't stay the whole night, here are a few things that I learned and cherish!
1. You either love David Bower or you don't.
2. You either love the Doodlebops or you don't.
3. It is possible to absolutely in love with your husband and still have a little crush on men in uniforms, men with English/Scottish accents, or other movie stars.
4. You know you are good friends with people when you can admit that you have a crush on Shia LeBouf (the kid from Transformers, Disturbia) and Harry Potter.
5. It is important to have friends who tell you that you should in embarassed to admit that you have a crush on Shia LeBouf and Harry Potter.
6. Drunk people should not ride their bikes at night.
7. Chelsea will walk around in her infamous moomoos with no bra on.
8. Birthday cakes are more fun when their is a blow torch on top of it (I can't wait to get a copy of Beka's reaction...that is classic)!
9. Apronistas are amazing cooks! All that food was so delicious!
10. We missed having Aubrey there with us!
11. Everything is more fun when spoken in an English accent.

If I missed anything, please feel free to add to the list, I would love to see what other people learned from Apron Night! I am going to miss my weekly doses of life lessons!


Christie said...

That's a great list...and I chuckled at all of them. We did have a lot of fun last night!

I would add that Rachel told us that women with a social group live longer. That's a nice bonus I think. It would be even nicer if the statistic was, "Women who have a social group live longer and lose 20 lbs." But I think its the opposite with us...we live longer, but GAIN 20 lbs with all the yummy food and treats you ladies make! At least we have fun in the gaining.

Christie said...

Oh, and one more. Maren will not even thing about speaking with you about home improvement projects until the corners of your eyes are free of eye liner goopies. I learned that the hard way. :) Only a true friend would rebuke me for my eye goopies (I'm sure there is a technical name for that.)

The McMillans said...

I feel so loved I cannot even tell you! I am so loved! You are all amazing women, and Jill, it is true, I am very happily married, but man, if you can throw a Uniform and a British accent my way...I will definitely look.

Maren said...

Christie - you are too funny... but it's true. We went the whole freekin' night and no one could be "RB truthful with you". Eye goopies - gross, I had to step up to the plate. Last night was a blast! I love you all dearly, and surprisingly someone actually worked on an apron. CONGRATS Stacey. I am so proud!

Anonymous said...

JILLY MY LOVE!!!! my goodness i miss you so so much!!! so i dont want to marr this happy little hello by a request but i believe that i must. next time you come down to mesa for apron night could you be a peach and bring me my harry potter book? it would make me day! again sorry but i am having withdrawals and need some harry in my life!!! hope everythings going ok! love you muchos!! miss natalie

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