Sunday, September 2, 2007

Kidprons Revealed!

Definitely not as cute of a model as Miss Myla, but James shows off Paige's apron. She has a touch of brown rickrack at the bottom to cover or hide some crazy stitches.

These are the contrasting sides of "the girls" aprons. The fabric is pink with white polka dots.

Next on the program we turn our attention to a well deserving mommy & babies!

Hi . My name is Beka - I just had 2 babies, but I look better than most high school students. Aren't I the cutest mom ever in my chocolate yum yum apron? My babies have cute coordinating aprons to mine. Check them out!

This is Landon's same idea as Braden's with a lower case "l" embroidered on it.

So this is Braden's with the initial "b" sewn on contrasting fabric.

of course "B & L" wouldn't be complete without our "T" our yummy little truffle. And he does look adorable in it! Check out Rachel's blog for some cutie cute pictures!

Stay tuned for some aprons with bite! James & Cade will proudly wear their Dino-darling aprons in the upcoming days.


The McMillans said...

What a fantastic display of such adorable aprons! I cannot believe the time that Maren must have put into each one. She is a very nice and thoughtful person. Beka, I love that Apron on you, and you are right, you look great, what is your secret?

Christie said...

Maren, you truly are generous. All of the aprons are so great! You are the best!

Beka's secret? I imagine having twin 6 month olds has something to do with it. :)

The Blakes said...

Beka...the apron supermodel!

All of the kid aprons are amazing! Maren, your fingers work magic!

Maren said...

You guys are too nice... and think way tooo highly of me. It reminds me of when you go on a mission and everyone thinks you are a saint and you smile to yourself because you know the truth. They are so easy-peasy-rice-and-cheesy to make. It makes you wonder why we didn't start with them.

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