Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Little Inspiration

My sweet MIL sent me a package with a cute vintage apron pattern and some cutsie, bright fabric. It gave me the jump start I've needed to pull out my machine again. I think I'll try to whip something up over conference weekend. I'll bring the new pattern on Thursday in case anyone wants to give it a go.

Also, today I wore an apron to school!!! It was marvelous!!! Let me explain. My colleague and I are preparing to teach Catcher in the Rye, (controversial, banned, I know), and it is set in the 50's. To get the kids in the right mindset, we showed clips from Mona Lisa Smile, and Far From Heaven. We also played some catchy 50's music and read an excerpt from Housekeeping magazine that instructed women how to be a good wife. (Instructions that made the feminist inside of me gag!) We decided to wear aprons and pass out homemade rice krispie treats on silver platters, while sporting heels and a string of pearls to enhance the tone. I wore my diner apron, and Craig wore my cherry apron. It was such a hit! Kids and colleagues alike thought the aprons were a nostalgic touch to our lesson plan. It just goes to show how far reaching are little apron club truly is! I only wish I'd thought to take my camera.


Maren said...

That sounds like so much fun. You sound like such a fun teachers. those are the concepts that stay with students and open young minds. You amaze me.

The AZ McMillans said...

What a sweet mother-in-law! And she has great tastes in patterns and fabrics. I'm excited to see the final product.

I know I would have loved to be one of your students. You make it come alive.

Jill Manning said...

Rachel, I am so glad that I get to teach vicariously through you, you sound like such an amazing teacher and make me want to be a teacher too! I love the whole idea and concept, way to think outside the box! And that was really sweet of your mother-in-law, what a nice gesture!

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