Friday, September 7, 2007

Randomly Spontaneous Night Out!

So, I'm not much for spontaneity.... mortgage, car payments, school loans, grad school, running a playschool, kids, writing a thesis, tight schedules, and an even tighter budget ... tend to slow you down - and your honestly just grateful for one night a week to chat with ladies your own age (whether any sewing gets done or not) while eating yummy treats (thanks Chelsea & Christie). But spontaneity or staying "out" late left my agenda somewhere round the turn of the millennium. (I know I make it sound that I am writing this from the rest home) But the truth is - life slows you down, and I've become a compulsive planner.

Well, Apron Night tonight was hijacked by a well-meaning fun girl, Amber "Spontaneous" Webb. We have been trying to get Amber to come to Apron Night for weeks, and tonight she showed up and then told us all she was headed to the movies and invited us to turn off our machines and join her for the 9:40pm showing of "The Nanny Diaries". I was thinking (in my best Minnesota mom voice) ooohh. Gorsh. I jest don't know. It's awfully dern late right now. The movie wouldn't get oot until after midnight.... But then my sweet husband looked at me like I was a crazy loon and told me I would be sewing 'til midnight anyway. He's right. That did it. We all went (except the kindred hair goddess - who has to make peoples hair pretty tomorrow). I admit, I felt kind of naughty and rebellious - but dernit if I didn't have so much fun!! So here's to Amber for throwing some spice into our Apron "Night Life".


Jill Manning said...

I second that, here's to Amber. Last night was a blast! It made me feel like I was back at college and going to a movie with my roommates. I think I quit being so spontaneous with marriage...trying to spontaneous with a man that goes to bed at 9 and works all day really puts a crimp in my crazy side (not that I'm complaining. Keep working honey, you are doing great)!

The McMillans said...

My life is filled with spontaneity, which is why I am so prone to create structure. You know, the things that two year old do are things I don't even think of, I find that having time away from the constant surprises, and just sitting still for two hours, helps my heart rate slow down a little. It could be the caffeine, oh how I wish I could have been is like my dream to call home and say...I am going out to a movie, I am calling in sick to work!

Christie said...

I just want to thank you guys for letting me go with you, you know with my frumpy pj bottoms and my faded ASU shirt and my lifeless, gross hair. I felt I had to finish off the look by pouring my Diet Coke/Mr. Pibb all over my shirt...and you all still gave me a ride back. Will you please let me know next time we are going to be spontaneous so I can look at least half way decent?!

Seriously, I had a great time too!

Random, random, random. That's for you Maren.

Jill Manning said...

oooooh Christie, you are in so much trouble with Maren, I can't believe you said that word not just once but 3 times! And Aubrey, I think I can speak for the whole clan when I say we wish that you could have been there with us! You will have to let us know if you are planning a trip to AZ any time soon, we will for sure have the biggest apron night bash that this town has ever seen!

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