Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sexy Apron Day

Another apron group has implemented a Sexy Apron Day. Check it out!


Maren said...

The apron is cute, but the little pocket at the top? What's the point really? To catch your drool or crumbs? It's kinda lame.

Abby said...

Hi Christie! (I think that's you...) You commented on my Feathered Nest blog and so I clicked to see your blog and I can't believe how AMAZING your aprons are!!! Where do you live in AZ? We are from Thatcher but lived in Gilbert for a time.

Anyway - I'm ecstatic to find yet another apron lover!

Jill Manning said...

Okay girls, I know that can make a really sexy apron for sexy apron day! I stole from black lace trim from my mom's fabric stash and you know that only sexy things can be created with black lace!

The Blakes said...

Hmmm. I guess I have other ideas in my head about sexy aprons. (Sorry if my mind is in the gutter.)


The McMillans said...

Ladies, ladies ladies! I am sensing that I missed the most important apron night to this date. Sexy, Aprons, Fun, Exciting conversations, black Lace! I am missing all the fun! I think you should call Mr. Timberlake and tell him that he is wrong about bringing sexy back, you all have really found what is back, and it is definitely sexy!!!

Please don't think that I haven't wanted to make an apron, I just have some issues in life right now preventing that from happening. But hopefully I will be able to create something sexy. SOON.

Cheers to you.

Maren said...

Hey Aubrey - we know you are with us always in spirit & I'd really love to go to lunch next time I am in Utah. - but we have had some apronistas obsessing over sexy aprons - no one has yet to create anything. You'll definately have to send us pics of what you define as sexy.

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