Saturday, September 8, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things...

It's 1:15 am and what more do I have to do then surf the net looking for cute aprons (actually I got kicked out of my bed by a sick 3 year old). I wanted to share these, because I know there has been talk about making & selling aprons lately - almost all of the following aprons I found at (the boutique/homemade version of Ebay) and they ranged from $12.99 to $55.00. Anyway, anyone who is thinking of it - it might be a good way to make a few bucks and you all do such a great job I would be proud to buy your stuff. Notice some of the patterns seem very familiar.

I forget how fun stripes & polkadots can be used to offset each other.

This is a retro take on a double sided half apron. I love the pom-pom ball trim.

Gyrl Powa!! I love Rosie because she's strong and reminds me I can be strong too.

I love the mix of these fabrics. This is one thing I want to learn is how to choose great coordinating fabrics. I get hung up on things "matching" instead of finding cool colors and textures. I also love that the ties are forever long. The brown ruffle is so subtle and understated.

This one is made from a vintage table cloth. I thought about looking at thrift stores for sheets, but tablecloths would be more wholesome, less scandelous.

Again I love the coordinating fabrics. These could easily be found in the (boring) quilting section of Joann's - but the mixture of fabrics just makes them pop out at you.

This apron is called "housewench" I love the patchwork style, retro looking fabric and the colors are the best!

This apron made me think of Jill. The cupcake has buttons on it for the cherry and the straps are made out of bias tape - our newest BFF!

I love cherries, and this is a darling apron, but I only want it if the cute nana comes along with it. I bet she smells like a bakers dozen of cookies fresh from the oven. Isn't she the cutest thing ever!


The McMillans said...

All of the sudden I am sweating, heart beating fast, furious, excited, dilapidated, oh and worried about where I will get the funds to buy more fabric. Maren, please keep the creative juices flowing...but remember I am prone to be thrown into hot flashes of dismay that I cannot replicate, nor purchase fabric of this caliber. I can however...look through my mom's old vintage fabric and see what I find! OFF TO THIEVERY.

Christie said...

Super cute stuff out there! Just when I begin to think that I really don't need another apron you tempt me with those pics.

The Blakes said...

My thoughts exactly, Christie. I've only made 5 aprons and just when I think I've tapped out, Maren comes up with something new and must-have!

Oh Maren, you are the inspiration of this little clan!

Jill Manning said...

Okay, that striped and polka dot me crazy but I think we can do that one...the bottom half is just like the first half apron that Christie and I ever did and than you can measure out how big you want the bib part to be and than embellish, embellish, embellish...voila, you got yourself this cute little number! I'm with everyone else, these aprons are the fuel for our little group to keep going! Thanks for posting them Maren, I am drooling over each one! I especially love that cupcake is screaming my name and making me really hungry for something cupcakey!

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