Wednesday, October 10, 2007

a conference conundrum

From the sounds of it (and from what I've surmised from stalking other peoples blogs) - I wasn't the only one busy during conference time. If you're not LDS (Mormon) or have no clue what we are talking about, every 6 months the church leaders deliver inspired revelation to help church members live good lives. Although it is available in a wide variety of mediums (TV, radio, Internet, print, etc.) it is 4 hours a day, delivered in 2 hour sessions and lasts for 2 days. Usually there is a specific message that will resonate and make you feel like it is specifically meant for you (you don't want to miss it) and you don't want to sleep through it; which is what most do when stuck in front of the TV in their jammies listening to warm melodious voices (yes, I'm quite guilty of this).

So instead of taking a 2 hour nap, I decided to make an apron. At our one official Apron Night Out back in June (I think) when we drew names and bought each other fabric, Jill bought this great blue & brown fabric. It has been sitting in the "sewing basket" waiting for inspiration. Well, it dawned on me that my favorite pattern (one I've made countless times over for various people) needs to join my repertoire of aprons.

At first I was like, well... it's okay and would make a great gift, but then the president of the SSC saw it and told me I had to keep it. So I spent the day wearing it; doing laundry, baking, and cleaning (yes. that was all on Sunday folks! I am a sucky example of a "good" Mormon, so don't go looking to me for your choice example) and now I love it! I couldn't possible part with it. Thank goodness for a few hours of spiritual rejuvenation and apronista inspiration.


The AZ McMillans said...

I do love it. It is quite possibly my favorite apron of yours.

The McMillans said...

I love it, it looks fantastic on you!

Jill Manning said...

Yeah, I am so glad that you got to use the fabric and that you got the coordinating fabric too! It looks so great and I can see why you love this pattern so really is so cute and really functional! Yeah inspiration and honest apronista friends!

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