Monday, November 19, 2007

3 skirts and a little courage

I had to include this skirt that I finished last week. I know we are still focused on aprons, but it turned out so dang cute. I bought the horse fabric from Zoe's & had to find the follow up pieces at Joann's (Zoe's can get a little pricey - especially if you love everything in the store) but they all fit so nicely. This skirt is actually for my niece Jordyn, but my beautiful model, Paige volunteered to help me out. I am making two more - one for Jordyn's older sister, Sadie & one for Paige (Sadie's BFF). I will post a picture after Christmas of all 3 girls in their skirts. There is a fray along each ruffle. I added the extra small ruffle at the bottom. i love longer skirts & the fact that 5 year old can't keep their legs together. I was surprised how easy it was to make. The fraying actually took longer than the sewing. I hope I have enough left over to make them matching aprons.

Paige did give me the best compliment of my life today. We were at Target and I told her we needed to buy her a Christmas dress, but not there because I didn't like any of them and the fact that just about everything over 18 mo. is sleeveless (apparently only babies get cold or dress modestly) - she replied "Or mom, you could make me one, and it will be beautiful" - I could have cried right there with a hand full of popcorn on the way to my mouth. It was so touching! Kids rock - they always seem to believe in you & that you have super human abilities and give you the courage to try new things. I think I just might make her a Christmas Dress!... and I could make James a matching tie - 'oh for heaven's sake' (said in Mormon Mom voice).


The AZ McMillans said...

I think you will make a PERFECT Christmas dress for Paige. And I think it will be awesome for James to have a matching tie. I am a match-my-kids-every-chance-I-get nerd. I love it. I am so excited to see what you come up with. I think it will be beautiful too! There's nothing you can't do girl. Hey I know, you should make them and sell them! Hee hee.

FYI--Joann's is having a major fabric sale the day after Thanksgiving, especially on Christmas stuff (I think it's 1.99 a yard!) so if you are brave enough to deal with Joann's on black Friday there might be some good rewards there for ya! I'm not sure if I'll be going yet. Last year Kevin went for he the cutest hubby in the world or what?!

The Blakes said...

You never cease to amaze me! My mom is making that style of skirt for 6 little girls. I think I'll try my hand at it...when I get a girl! I'm all for matching the kids too, until they hit puberty!

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