Monday, November 5, 2007

a good excuse...

I just wanted to post these pictures from Christie's Surprise Birthday Luncheon. Happy 30th Chrisitie! ... and remind all you sweetie pies that my birthday is just after Thanksgiving (November 26th if you want to get technical). I don't need a cool surprise or anything - just some quality time with my ladies. Let's do lunch - again!

Jen (our little momma to be), Dawn & the birthday Girl. Doesn't she look surprised? Good thing she decided to get dressed that day. It might had been a little bit more embarrassing. Need I remind you of the time we all went to a late night showing & Chrisitie was in jammie's with pop down her front. Good Times!

Jill & Beka - does Beka look a little glazed over or is it just me. That lack of sleep at night will do it to you. I know what it's like with 2 - but I had mine one at a time. Beka is my hero & her boys are the cutest!

Me (looking a little crazier than usual - Kim & Emily were making me laugh my head off), Amber in mid-bite (I think she had chicken something or other), Kim, and Emily ... so glad they came and livened things up.


the Picketts said...

should i be offended:)???

Maren said...

no. Beka - you know your the best mommy of 2 I have ever seen. I didn't mean it offensively - you really rock!

The Blakes said...

I always seem to miss the photo ops! Don't worry Maren, we wouldn't dream of letting your birthday pass without a celebration!

The AZ McMillans said...

Thanks for the pics and the great party. But I must have missed that awesome cake. Where's it hidden Maren?

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