Monday, November 26, 2007

Maren the Birthday Girl!!

Today Maren turns the big 32! (I don't think she looks a day over 25.) In honor of Maren I would like to tell everyone why she is so dang wonderful.
1. Maren is so much fun! I am always laughing when I am around her. Which leads to...
2. She has a great sense of humor. I love that she is able to laugh at herself...and at me too! :)
3. She has taught me a lot about being a great mom and having fun with the kids. She is the funnest mom!
4. My kids adore her. Every other conversation with Cade is about Miss Maren and James Buchanan.
5. She is a great support system...especially when it comes to potty training and bias tape.
6. Maren is such a compassionate person. She doubles our happiness and shares the tough times. She has made me dinner when I've been sick and stolen my kids when I need a few hours alone. She is awesome!
7. She is amazingly ambitious! Not only does Maren do preschool 4 days a week, she works at a school Friday nights and is very close to finishing her Master's degree. AND she has two kids, a hubby, and two doggies to take care of (not to mention hosting apron night every week).
8. Maren is just wonderful. I am so lucky to have her as a friend. And to think...without the Secret Stitch Club I may have never learned all these wonderful things about Maren!
Happy Birthday Maren!!


Domestic Chicky said...

Happy Birthday Maren! You all are so lucky to have such good friends!!

The Blakes said...

Happy day to my lovely friend! I just can't believe it took until this summer for us to become kindred spirits...what were we waiting for??? Thanks for all you do, you are truly amazing!

Jill Manning said...

A a little belated on my part (I've been out of town and really sick...blah blah blah), but Happy Birthday Maren! I hope you had a great birthday (it sounds like you didn't do to badly on the present side of your big day) because you deserve it all! I will never forget that drive to Girls Camp, it was the start of a beautiful friendship!

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