Tuesday, December 11, 2007

... and the winner is

I just can't stop myself from showing off (again) this is the great apron that I won off The Apronista website. So it's not as high class girly or retro as Christie's big win, but it is a whole lotta sasssss which kind of fits me better. The cute lady in this picture is also the creator of this great apron, you can check out her stuff here. I will do my best to do my duty to honor this apron and wear it with the utmost sass and pinch every cute Santa bootie I see, on my honor... again I can't help it - YAHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!


Jill Manning said...

I'm so glad that you did show it off because I wasn't sure which one it was you won and I love it! This has Maren written in BOLD all over it! You will fab in it and I don't think any of us doubt how much sass you will get out of wearing it!

The AZ McMillans said...

YAHHOOOOOO! I'm shouting there with ya girl. That is such a cute apron! I'm sure you will honor it's sassiness to it's fullest.

Domestic Chicky said...

Yay! I can't wait to see pictures of you rockin your sassy self in that apron!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

Congrats! I loved your comment and it sounds like this apron suits you perfectly!

I just got your information today and I will be shipping it out today as well!

It'coming just in time for the holidays and it's perfect for Valentines day too! :) or other "fun" occasions!

The McMillans said...

I would like to see you in this. I bet it is so stunning on you. From what I can see you are in fact the most deserving recipient of this apron.

Guess what Ladies, on Friday, the Utah chapter of the Secret stitch is meeting, I think I will have to take the camera and post the details of our fantastic party. Too bad you all are going to miss it. I will be sure to include you all.

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