Monday, December 10, 2007

Sew for Joseph Night (aka Sweatshop)

Thank You Ladies for coming out to Wednesday's "Sew for Joseph" night. We had a great turn-out & some new faces. It was a lot of fun chatting, sewing & eating as always. The point of this night was to create aprons to sale at a Garage Sale Dec 14th & 15th to raise money to help pay for Joseph Runyan's ongoing treatment & therapy for autism. Pictured above is our cute friend Abby with her son Joseph.

I am excited for the Garage Sale Dec 14th & 15th (Fri & Sat) - there are going to be some great aprons there courtesy of the Secret Stitch Club. Your gonna have to come check them out. I will try to post pictures of them before hand if at all possible.

Christie is obviously bugged by my "new" (only to me - I think it is a vintage '80's model) Serger. As my new BFF from Joann's tells me there are only 2 kinds of people in this world "Serger People" & "Non Serger People" - We are a special group of weirdos to be avoided at all costs.
Nikki & Abby B. showed up for all the fun. Little did they know what they were getting themselves into. Abby is working on a cute adult/child matching apron set in a nice "Christmasy" green fabric. The adult pattern she chose is the vintage 40's apron that we all love & own. It's just so darn functional.
Jen showing off her little belly & helping the slave driver (me) cut out patterns. She always is smiling despite the uncomfortable fun of pregnancy... and sitting on my hard tile floor

Stacey was a big help cutting out patterns & sewing her 2nd or 3rd apron ever! We are so proud of Stacey and her willingness to keep coming back. She is really making great progress (and cursing a lot less at her machine, JK!)

Christie as active president of the SSC is giving Nikki some very useful pointers, or just being bossy (I'm starting to wear off on her). Nikki is working on a Vintage Apron with a ruffle. She is using the cute pink/retro fabric that we saw Jill make her 2nd apron out of. It is going to be so cute! Thank you all again for all your time, money, and energy going into these projects - also a shout out to all the ladies who couldn't be there but have their own projects going. Your willingness to serve & help each other out floors me! You guys rock my world!


Jill Manning said...

I am so glad that you posted pictures of the infamous, Sew for Joseph night. It looks like it was such a success and so much fun, no doubt! I can't wait to hear more about the success of the garage sale! I am just thrilled that our love for aprons is lending a helping hand to a good cause! Thanks you Maren for taking full charge of this, you are awesome!

The Blakes said...

I hate that I'm the loser that missed this event! Just know that Trent's rotation is half way over and Ty is finally starting turn the corner with his sickliness.

Props to all you new girls for jumping right in, and to the old ones for being so darn devoted!

Chelsea said...

People should read this.

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