Thursday, January 31, 2008

back to the basics

No more bloggy give aways! Please no more. My eyes are blurry - my fingers are numb... do I really need more bath products or croceted pot holders? I think if I win anything I'm not sure it will balance out the HOURS I invested on the computer, the time I spent hiding from my kids just to get in one more entry, or the new wrinkles I have from staying up way too late. Maybe next year I will give one thing away and call it good.

So, I will see you all Wednesday Feb 6th at my house (Maren's) be there 8pm-ish... bring your friends & LET's SEW! An old friend from 'the Lord's side' might be stopping by to say hey.

1 comment:

Not the Queen said...

Hey Maren! You won my card giveaway! Congratulations! Email me when you get a chance.

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