Monday, January 28, 2008

change of venue... for this week anyway

Book Club anyone? Well, since we know how hugely popular vampires are and everyone and their teenage sister is in love with Edward (still trying to figure that one out - a little too dark & controlling for my taste) - this week our Sewing Club is going to be hijacked by a lot of literature minded ladies. The discussion group will be held on Tuesday 7pm at Rachel's House. She lives in the town homes. Call her, me, or Christie if you need directions or more info. Wednesday we will not be sewing, but the following week (Feb 6th - 8ish) fire up those machines... we'll be back in business and actually sewing.


Anonymous said...

Maren, you are a sinner. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE EDWARD UNCONDITIONALLY????????????

Steve-o said...

I think its great that women are embracing aprons! I'm a househusband and while I wear a very simple solid colored apron, I still still the value and need. Besides, what man or woman wouldn't want to come home to their spouse in an apron?

Megan said...

I LOVED this series! wish I could come! :)

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