Sunday, February 24, 2008

flicking the flikr for aprons everywhere

Hey Ladies... I created a Flikr group for us (and really anyone out there in the wide world of the web, it's public) to post pictures of aprons/sewing/craft projects. I know the membership of our blog is limited to the group members who meet weekly, which is great. But we do have readers outside our little circle (shocking I know, that anyone would want to read our babble) and sometimes we need outside inspiration to get us motivated or just fresh new ideas. So I'm hoping you feel free to join up if you want to (if you have a Yahoo address then your already there) or just to check out the projects whenever you need that inner muse to enlighten you. When you post a picture feel free to tell us where you got the fabric or what tricky cool thing you came up with. It's so fun to hear about how your creative mind works. I uploaded all the aprons I've made thus far.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lemons Lime and all things sublime

It's done and I love it!!! I just couldn't help myself. Now that I'm a stay-at-home mom, I finally have time to explore the world of craft projects! Yes, Christie, of course you can copy the fabric. It's so cheery! How can you be in a bad mood wearing an apron like this. I can't wait to figure out my next project.

It's Official

I'm in the club....or forced into the club :) This is the apron my sister-in-law made for me for Christmas. I love it! She got the pattern off Amy Butler. I loved it so much, I had to make another one. So, I'm in progress of my second apron. In fact, I was so excited about it, I almost woke up early to keep working on it. (Maren, I was so anxious, I decided to forgo the surger.) I am pretty darn proud of myself because I'm not as good with the whole sewing thing as you all. I am almost done now. I just have to attach the ties and then viola' ! Next apron night, I'll be dispalying my new lemon apron. I guess all I needed was a little inspiration! When I saw an apron without bias tape, I knew I could do it!

P.S. Thanks gals for your friendship and all your support!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i couldn't pass up sharing this with you

Our kindred Apronista friends are giving away a free pattern for my new favorite apron. I couldn't pass up this opportunity to share it with you. You can click here and be taken to the site to enter the drawing. If you don't win, you can always buy it from Meg at Montessori by Hand at her Etsy shop, here.

Jen had a birthday shout hurrray!! She turned the big 22 years on Sunday. Happy Birthday Jen! We love you & your dedication to hanging out, eating with us, letting us talk your ears off, and occasionally sewing with us. YOU ROCK!

I made her this apron Saturday night. You would not believe how easy it was. I cheated & bought yellow quilt binding bias tape for the halter, becuase the sheer thought of making my own bias tape terrified me. Well, that was the old me. Abby & I made some today and it was ridiculously easy. And it really completes the look, I'm actually ashamed of my previous shy-away-from-a-challenge behavior. Anyone looking for an opps-you-caught-me-looking-so-darling-in-my-super-chic-apron-as-I-cook-grill-cheese... this one is for you.

O' Come All Ye Faithful

New project anyone? Christy actually made this half apron lovey out of cutie-patootie Joann's fabric that we since have not been able to locate. Tomorrow - my house - 8pm - you know the drill. Jason promises Missouri Cookies (aka no-bake cookies) mostly because Christie was harrassing him for never contributing to the goodie selection and since 2/3rd's of us are pregnant... I can think of no better reason.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The remarkable fit of Ease.

I know, I know. I have been a slacker. One could barely call me a member of the secret stitch due to my lack of creation and attention. However, I have good excuses, well, for the most part anyway. I have been potty training, and keeping an Almost walker from running into every obstacle in my home. And my students have a recital this weekend. However, I would like to introduce my new favorite apron. The pattern is wonderful, and so flattering. Really the pictures do not give it justice.

Ease, and a few gathers, are really the quintessential element to this fabulous fitting apron. This apron was time consuming, but worth every bit of Ironing and careful attention.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Diaper/Wipee Case

Since a lot of us are mommies, preggers or soon-to-be preggers I thought I'd post a fun project for all of us to do--if you are interested. The other day I babysat my nephews and neice and my sis-in-law brought this fun diaper/wipee case. It was small and cute! No diaper bag, just the necessities. I thought it was ingenious! Since I am getting into the "We don't need to take everything plus the kitchen sink when we leave the house" stage of parenting, I don't need the diaper bag anymore. In fact, I just bought my first purse since I've been a mom this past weekend. And instead of carrying around the diaper bag I've decided I want one of these diaper/wipee holders. So I started looking around online. My sister-in-law got hers here.

It is a locally based company full of cute stuff. I've gotten some apron ideas from their website. But after looking around I decided it would be fun to make my own! I found a free pattern here and am planning a trip to the fabric store to pick up some cute stuff. I could probably just use what I have laying around here, but I'll use any excuse to head to the fabric store.
Pics to be posted soon!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

no sewing this week

In honor of really busy ladies (I'll admitt I'm swamped) and Valentines Day - we are not going to sew this week. But Febuary 20th (Weds.) we will be back at 8pm at Maren's. Hope to see you all there with your fabric or... not. We just look forward to seeing you and hearing how many more of the SSC get knocked up (hee, hee, hee) - (for a useless fact keep reading: the rose you see at the top of this post is called a Leonida. It's rust colored on the inside and a buttery/Tuscan yellow on the exterior. It's gorgeous and I had them as a part of my wedding flowers)

Monday, February 11, 2008

What's lost is found!

Lost sometime during the holidays: sense of routine, healthy eating, reasonable bed time, motivation, ability to budget properly, creativity and possibly identity

Found recently: a few extra pounds, motivation to clean the house, ability to cook foods that don't come directly from the freezer, desire to finish sewing projects

This apron has been the easiest to make, but took me forever to complete! Though not fancy or frilly in the slightest, I love the simplicity and functionality of this apron. Pulling out my sewing machine last weekend felt like a long overdue reunion with my creative side. I also worked on my banner and cut out another apron. Maybe my mojo is finally coming back! Maybe my husband will come home at reasonable hours so I can partake in the sweetness of apron night! Maybe I'll remember to make time for myself...even when life gets harried! Maybe...maybe next week. Trent and I have our anniversary date Wednesday, so I'll see you next week!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Some Inspiration

So I've been thinking to myself, "Self, I'm bored. I need to be more creative in my apron-making. Following a pattern is getting pret-ty boring...what can I do? This baby I'm making is taking all of my brainpower." And then I did some blog-surfing, which I haven't done in a while, and came upon the cutest of creative aprons! Check out One More Moore. I stalk her blog quite often and was so excited to see this apron. How cute is it!?! I feel inspired now. I can't wait to break out the machine!

Hope to see everyone at Apron night, this Wednesday at 8:00 at Maren's house!! Yes, we will be sewing. And eating. And chatting. I've missed you gals!

Monday, February 4, 2008

cool shiz...

Okay so the last post I was complaining about who even knows what... you all tuned me out after the first sentence anyway... bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, me, me, me, me, me...

So I won like 4 things from the bloggy carnival giveaway... granted I entered like 450 entries or something like that and the down side is it sucks away my "luckyness" from Bunko (so I will be forever in the hat.. oh well you win some and you loose even more if you are me)

But check out these cool creative chicks giving this stuff away:

I won this book for my preschoolers. We love new books at Miss Maren's. Here are the blogs of Jennifer who generously donated it.

I also won 15 homemade note cards from a very talented and witty lady, I know I don't deserve them, but aren't they adorable.

I don't think she has an Etsy shop, but here is her blog if you would like to check her out:

Next, I won this loverly necklace/bracelet combo. I know I reallly don't deserve this win. It is so simple & elegant (just like me... I mean Mary Poppins!) I love it!

It was made by Summer. You can check out her other jewelry here:

and check out her fun blog here:

Olivia the hairdresser's blog:

This win... (is how you know I was out of control) I won a haircut in St. Louis, MO. Yeah, not in Arizona... but before you think I have lost it - my gypsy little sister "Sassy" lives in St. Louie and sings in a band. So how cool does that make me? I thought I would surprise her with it. Doesn't that at least make me a nice sister and not so much the neurotic obsessed nut job that I am? okay. so I'm just hoping... But all this crazed giveaways has me thinking that next year I will have to jump on the band wagon and give something fun away, let me meet some of my own kind of crazies (tee..hee...)

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