Monday, February 4, 2008

cool shiz...

Okay so the last post I was complaining about who even knows what... you all tuned me out after the first sentence anyway... bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, me, me, me, me, me...

So I won like 4 things from the bloggy carnival giveaway... granted I entered like 450 entries or something like that and the down side is it sucks away my "luckyness" from Bunko (so I will be forever in the hat.. oh well you win some and you loose even more if you are me)

But check out these cool creative chicks giving this stuff away:

I won this book for my preschoolers. We love new books at Miss Maren's. Here are the blogs of Jennifer who generously donated it.

I also won 15 homemade note cards from a very talented and witty lady, I know I don't deserve them, but aren't they adorable.

I don't think she has an Etsy shop, but here is her blog if you would like to check her out:

Next, I won this loverly necklace/bracelet combo. I know I reallly don't deserve this win. It is so simple & elegant (just like me... I mean Mary Poppins!) I love it!

It was made by Summer. You can check out her other jewelry here:

and check out her fun blog here:

Olivia the hairdresser's blog:

This win... (is how you know I was out of control) I won a haircut in St. Louis, MO. Yeah, not in Arizona... but before you think I have lost it - my gypsy little sister "Sassy" lives in St. Louie and sings in a band. So how cool does that make me? I thought I would surprise her with it. Doesn't that at least make me a nice sister and not so much the neurotic obsessed nut job that I am? okay. so I'm just hoping... But all this crazed giveaways has me thinking that next year I will have to jump on the band wagon and give something fun away, let me meet some of my own kind of crazies (tee..hee...)


Christie said...

I think it's hilarious that you won a prize in St. Louis. Your sis will think you are the coolest though. Congrats on winning so much stuff!! Maybe your winning streak will continue and you'll win the big prize at Bunko. Maybe you should go get a couple of lottery tickets. Maybe you should vote today for the best pres. candidate (who may that be? I don't know!). Maybe, just maybe, you should pass some of the winningness on to your friend here. Although, I do get a 15% discount on that tutu I'm in love with. I count that as a big win too!

Remember ladies (or lady, seeing as though it's just you and me Mar) apron night this Wednesday!

Jill Manning said...

Maren, you deserve every single one of those prizes..and not just because your name is constantly pulled out of the hat at Bunko. Seriously though, you are like one of those people who want to take around everywhere you go because cool things happen when you are around! Live it up, enter more blog giveaways! I wish I could see you on Wed at Apron Night but please know that I am always there in spirit! Maybe just put up a picture of that kid from Transformers and than you have something to remind you of me or at least something to point and laugh at!

Anonymous said...

You have a gpysy sister named Sassy?

Olivia said...

Can't wait to meet Sassy! Congrats on the win!

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