Sunday, February 24, 2008

flicking the flikr for aprons everywhere

Hey Ladies... I created a Flikr group for us (and really anyone out there in the wide world of the web, it's public) to post pictures of aprons/sewing/craft projects. I know the membership of our blog is limited to the group members who meet weekly, which is great. But we do have readers outside our little circle (shocking I know, that anyone would want to read our babble) and sometimes we need outside inspiration to get us motivated or just fresh new ideas. So I'm hoping you feel free to join up if you want to (if you have a Yahoo address then your already there) or just to check out the projects whenever you need that inner muse to enlighten you. When you post a picture feel free to tell us where you got the fabric or what tricky cool thing you came up with. It's so fun to hear about how your creative mind works. I uploaded all the aprons I've made thus far.

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