Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i couldn't pass up sharing this with you

Our kindred Apronista friends are giving away a free pattern for my new favorite apron. I couldn't pass up this opportunity to share it with you. You can click here and be taken to the site to enter the drawing. If you don't win, you can always buy it from Meg at Montessori by Hand at her Etsy shop, here.

Jen had a birthday shout hurrray!! She turned the big 22 years on Sunday. Happy Birthday Jen! We love you & your dedication to hanging out, eating with us, letting us talk your ears off, and occasionally sewing with us. YOU ROCK!

I made her this apron Saturday night. You would not believe how easy it was. I cheated & bought yellow quilt binding bias tape for the halter, becuase the sheer thought of making my own bias tape terrified me. Well, that was the old me. Abby & I made some today and it was ridiculously easy. And it really completes the look, I'm actually ashamed of my previous shy-away-from-a-challenge behavior. Anyone looking for an opps-you-caught-me-looking-so-darling-in-my-super-chic-apron-as-I-cook-grill-cheese... this one is for you.


The McMillans said...

Jen, you are darling! And I love this Apron.

Oh I wish I could come to Apron night.

Jill Manning said...

Happy Birthday Jen!!! What adorable fabric for that pattern, I just love the reversed side and how it totally goes with the other side! Well done Maren!

The AZ McMillans said...

I LOVE it! The fabric is so cute and it looks great on Jen and her baby belly. Good job Mar.

The McMillans said...

Okay, I am a complete spaz. Somehow I missed that Maren made the Apron for Jen for her birthday. SORRY! Jen the Apron is so fabulous on you, and I love how it is a perfect pattern for the pregs. Maren, you did such a great job.

Meg McElwee said...

Hey! I never knew that the Emmeline looks so spiffy on future mamas! SO cute, Maren - you should totally post these pics to my flickr group and let everyone know that it makes an awesome maternity apron, too!


Domestic Chicky said...

Wow! I love that fabric with the cakes on it! Wherever did you get it?!? You are becoming an apron queen Maren! Jen looks great!

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