Thursday, March 20, 2008

done at last - the trilogy is over!

These skirts I made over a 6 month period. I started the smallest one (Jordyn's) back in October. I really had no clue what I was doing. It was before my Serger & Bernette days - and I can see from looking at it now how far I have come. The second one I made for the biggest one (Sadie's) I made in December after I had my new machines. You can tell it is made better and a lot more durable. Then the third one (Paige's) I finished just last week. I am glad to be done. It is the best quality of the three and will need the least amount of repair. My sister-in-law already handed me back the 1st one and told me there are a few holes in need of attention. They are cute and I don't regret making them, but are glad for the experience it provided me.


The McMillans said...

That is really the most important thing. To learn as you go and keep getting better. I always find that in a project I always redo the first one, because you learn as you go on the pattern etc. They are so cute Maren, great job!

Christie said...

I love them all! I'm so proud of you...trying new things. I've gotta say, the serger does make all the difference.

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