Thursday, March 13, 2008

Easter Dress

I finished Myla's Easter dress last night at apron club and was so excited that I wanted to go home and wake Myla up to try it on her. Thinking that wasn't the wisest idea (since it was 1:00am), I waited until this morning. Come to find out, she was just as grumpy with me... these pictures aren't the greatest. But I'm just so excited that I finished my very first dress! Sorry about the bad, dark pics. I am planning on making Cade a matching tie and then we'll get better pictures taken of them. So here's the dress! (Special thanks to Maren who serged the inside of the dress for me so it didn't look like a rat lived in it!)

You can't really tell from the pictures, but the fabric has flowers embroidered into it.
Yeah, she was not happy with me. I took away her apple juice to take the picture. Mistake!
I really like the length on it. I was worried it'd be too long. Good call, Maren.
I took this picture mainly because this is the only side she'd let me see of her. :)


The McMillans said...

Christie, you are becoming quite the seamstress. I love that you made your daughter an easter dress. She is so beautiful in blue, are you making you a top to match or something? I think you should.

The McMillans said...

I absolutely love it. Well done!

Jill Manning said...

Oh my have out done us all!!!!! I love the dress, it is so cute and the length is just perfect! Well done! It looks so cute on her; pouty (is that how you spell that?) and all!!

The Blakes said...

I had no idea you were even attempting a dress...and look how beautiful it is! You've become a master of the machine!

Maren said...

Christie... how cute is that? It's true that you miss out on the deatils in the fabric, but man she looks so cute in blue! What is it about blond hair blue eyed baby girls wearing blue. I love Paige in it. Anyway, congrats you did a really great job. It's really satisfactory when you finish projects on Apron Night and then have free time to boss people around (poor Jessica)

Anonymous said...

Christie you are AMAZING!!!!

Stacey said...

Christie!! It's sooo cute!! I love it. I'm so amazed that you are moving on to clothes. I haven't attempted that yet. She looks adorable. Can't wait to see it on her on Sunday. Did you end up making Cade that tie out of it?

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