Tuesday, March 25, 2008

lil' miss gorgeous

This is another possible version of the Lemon dress originally made by Christie. The downside is that the pattern goes from 1-4T, and does not come in larger sizes. But the upside is that it is a nice roomy A line shape. Paige wears a 6/6x. I made the size 4T and added 3 inches to the ruffle at the bottom. The mid section is encircled with a salmon colored bias tape, 3 inches down from the base of the arm. It gives the illusion of an emire waistline. And then it is trimmed at the bottom of the ruffle with more bias tape.

The bow is bias tape ironed flat and attached via a safety pin to the inside. Result: same dress, same pattern, completely different look. Very versitile. This pattern is called New Look & can be bought at Joann's or Wal-Mart with a fabric center. This dress cost me $4 to make. $2 for the fabric and 1.58 or whatever for the bias tape. It took a couple hours from start to finish (would have been quicker but I was watching a movie - "Amazing Grace" good flick.


the Picketts said...

so cute...good job MAREN, i really envy your sewing skills, you are so fast too!!

the Picketts said...
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Jill Manning said...

You are so creative...you have always been so good at looking at a pattern and making it your own! She looks so cute in it!!!!! And I have been meaning to Netflix that movie...now I have to!!!

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