Sunday, April 27, 2008

One of the Girls

Introducing the newest member of the Secret Stitch Club...currently nameless dress form. We found her on craigslist for an awesome deal at Lane Bryant. I guess they had too many and were getting rid of some. It was pretty funny as we were carrying her out of the mall. The security guard stopped us to say, "Hey, you have a body there." She got to sit in the back seat with Stacey as we visited our favorite fabric store, Zoe's Trunk.

Sell Out

Well Ladies, if this doesn't get me banned from the SSC, I don't know what will. After attempting to work on my apron several times this weekend, but failing to make substantial.. okay any... progress at all, I caved in and bought one from Etsy. I love it and I think (hope, pray) that Abbey will love it too! I had every good intention of making my own, but when you procrastinate til the last weekend, then get the flu on top of the regular prego symptoms, sometimes fate just doesn't work in your favor.

Sorry for the lame excuse Abbey, and I PROMISE I will still complete one for you made by my own hands. I hope you'll take this as a peace offering until then, as well as a lunch date with me. (Just what you always wanted!) At least the fabric is Amy Butler, another consolation. I only copied the thumbnail pic, so I know it's tiny. I know I'm on the verge of being kicked out anyway because of my sparse attendance, so forgive my feeble attempt at redeeming myself now. :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Show Off Your Swap!

Hey everyone, the deadline for the SSC apron swap is nearing (April 30th -- one week from today!) and I know some people already have their apron finished (dang over-achievers). I am so excited to see what everyone came up with, so when you get your apron from your swap buddy please, please, please post a picture or send the picture to Maren or me and we'll post it.

Happy sewing!

You Know You're Pregnant When...

1. You think going for a midnight run to McDonald's is a good idea...and then at 2:00am decide that you are definitely not lovin' it.
2. You can't remember the last time you showered--which doesn't necessarily mean you haven't showered, you just don't remember.
3. You have a million things to do but exactly zero energy to accomplish anything.
4. Climbing the 11 stairs it takes to get to your bedroom is equal to a 45 minute workout...or at least that's what your heart rate and hard breathing tells you.
5. You wonder if there is a way to discipline your unborn child, because he/she won't stop kicking your internal organs so hard that you're sure there is going to be some permanent damage. 6. You're back hurts so bad that you wonder if you forgot that you pulled a Mack truck around the block in your sleep.

7. You chew ice like the world's supply of it is going to melt tomorrow.

8. You realize that you have SIX weeks left and then you'll be holding that tiny little person wondering what the heck you were complaining about!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Apron Swap on the Apronista ning site

Hey Ladies... I just wanted to announce that the Apronista ning site has started a sign-up for an apron swap running from May 1st til May 31st. If you didn't get in on the SSC swap and are still interested in a swap check this one out, sign-up by Friday April 25th. If you aren't a member to ning, respond to this post and I will add you. You can find the link directly to the sign-up here.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Twarted Thursdays

Well Ladies - we've done it again... changed sewing night back to Thursdays. I got a call from Thursday last week telling me how neglected it felt and that it really needed the attention and limelight it once held... so I caved in - you know how convincing Thursday can be.

Thursday's - Maren's House - 7pm

(earlier hours for us tired out prego's - which consists of 89% of this group)
p.s. The apron pictured is my latest purchase from Kellie of Laughing Otter - she just launched her new Etsy site & I snatched this up before anyone else could. Check her out here!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

pretty purple polka-dots

Can one pattern be used too many times? I'm not sure... This is the 3rd dress I've made from this pattern and Christie made the lemon sundress, and I don't think she is finished with it. I think we've definitely got our money's worth out of it. I bought this fabric at Joann's for just a couple dollars a yard last month or so. I knew what I wanted to do with it - but only now realized it. Thanks to a long "boring" Saturday, Paige & Olivia now have matching dresses which they wore to church today. It was so worth making an extra one to see Olivia prance infront of the mirror twirling and smiling at her cute self. Abby will have to post a picture of Olivia wearing her matching dress. The ric rack and eyelet lace change the entire look of the dress. I did it for length but, I am really pleased with how they turned out. Just don't look too closely.

Since Olivia's hair is short I opted to make matching headbands as well. This is the Heather Bailey pattern. You can get it here. It is super easy to make. I made them the child's size - but they also have baby & adult sizes.

Monday, April 14, 2008

road trip... well, not really

This week we are meeting on Thursday at Maren's house at 6:30pm. We will be taking a mini-road trip to Jen's house to enjoy a night of sewing with Jen & baby Tessa. Hope to see you there

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

the official 2008 SSC Apron Swap begins...

Hey Ladies...
Here are the results from the random drawing of names. As Jason is my witness - I swear I did not cheat (although I sorely tempted. I want so many of you to make me aprons!) But Jason drew the names & I wrote them down... in no particular order (drum roll please) Here are the results....

The official List:
Molly makes an apron for Rachel of Mesa, AZ
Abbey makes an apron for Molly of Pleasant Grove, UT
Jill makes an apron for Stacey of Mesa, AZ
Christie makes an apron for Maren of Mesa, AZ
Aubrey makes an apron for Jill of Yuma, AZ
Rachel makes an apron for Abbey of Mesa, AZ
Maren makes an apron for Deanna of Yuckimookamaka, CA
Jessica makes an apron for Aubrey of W.Jordan, UT
Deanna makes an apron for Christie of Mesa, AZ
Stacey makes an apron for Jessica of Mesa, AZ

Our theme: Ric Rack (you can put the smallest amount on a pocket or go to town and get crazy with it) - your only limit is your imagination.

Apron can be full, half, 3/4's - whatever...

fabric - whatever suites your fancy (you are free to contact your partner and get any kind of dialogue going if you want to make something that would match her kitchen - her favorite past time or just surprise her - It's your call)

Last bit: Aprons must be finished and in the mail by Wednesday April 30th...

Happy Sewing!

56 Free Apron Patterns

I found this link from The Apronista website and wanted to bring it to everyone's attention, since we have apron swaps and mother's day coming up. Where else can we find 56 apron patterns in the same place--for free?!?! I'm adding it to our sidebar as well, under Favorite Links. Happy sewing!

Jessica's Masterpiece

I know Jess is probably going to kill me for posting all of these pictures...but they were too cute! This is her doing the "Oprah move" when taking a picture. Take a deep breath, then relax and smile.

Moving on the more important subject at hand--this is Jessica's first apron!! Yea! Isn't it beautiful? She did a great job with the Emmeline. I have to say I'm a bit jealous because my first aprons are disappointing and sad...not creations I'm proud of. Jessica can wear this with pride! We are so glad you've joined our group!

My heart melted!!!

When I bought the pattern for this apron last week, I though to myself, "Self, don't get too excited, you can't ever sit for 5 min. without having back pain. It may be a while before you actually get to this pattern!" Than after looking, and drooling, over the pattern for a day I said, "Self, screw the back...let's get crackin!" And away we went and I am just in love with it! Actually my heart melted when it was all done! I have been eyeing this fabric at Joanns and on the internet for a loooooooong time but I needed the perfect apron for it and this was it!!! I finished it yesterday and didn't take it off all day, I just love everything about it!!! Sure, I cursed a few times when my machine wouldn't cooperate, and want to rip out my hair when I couldn't understand what the pattern was asking of me, but everything came together in the end and now I am in love!!! I want to name it...something this adorable deserves a name! What should I name it?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Angry Chicken is concerned about "foul" language when sewing

Sew, I just watched this tutorial about sewing bias tape. It clears up a lot of misconceptions and actually makes life a little easier. I will definately try this out next time I'm bumbling over bias tape. Check it out...

Amy is sew smart - she even wrote a book! Me thinks I need to read it.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Just an idea...

Stefanie Heaton's baby shower is sometime this month and she is still in need of a car seat. How would everyone feel about pitching in $10-15 so we can help her out? If you already had other plans for her gift, no big deal. I just thought I'd throw it out there. I can go pick it up if we decide to give it to her. I know she's not a member of the SSC, but most of the club knows her so I just thought I'd brainstorm with you here.

Friday, April 4, 2008

pepped up by a compliment

I know that we are always complementing each other on our sewing skills or the new things being made. And it's so great to hear others vocalize that you are doing a good job. Like Jessica finishing her 1st apron or Abbey's purple one she made on Wednesday. It's so fun, but at the same time. I feel like we are equals sewing together as friends. None of us are above the other in talent or finesse. Well, Jason's grandma sent me an email just after Easter then sent me sky high - this is what she wrote:

I am so proud of you and way you can sew. It looks so nice. You sew like Aunt babe and Mama jean. Those skirts the girls had in St. Johns were just darling. We use to wear skirts like that when we were in high school. loved them, sure did hate to iren them. Mom was a beautiful seamtrest too.
So proud of you. Paige and James are so good but always busy. You will have your hands full
Love to all Jason we missed you

I don't know if I revert back to a child like confidence when I'm spoken to by my "elder's" but the fact that she noticed and took the time to tell me how she felt made me ecstatic. It is the world's best compliment when parents, teachers, and the older generations stop and take note of your attempts to be like them.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Shout Out to Aubs

One of my favorite treats to make are Cinnamon Pull-Aparts, recipe compliments of Aubrey. She made them for Thanksgiving one year and they just melted in my mouth. I made them for apron night last I'd like to think Aubrey was there in her own way. :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Run, Don't Walk!!!

I had no intention of buying yet another apron patter when I went to Joanns last but when I saw signs saying that Simplicity Patterns were only .99 cents I had to take a look and see if they had anything new and I am soooo happy that I did!!! Look at those adorable aprons! I couldn't believe that each one of those could be mine, and can be yours if you hurry, for just .99 cents! They look like the most darling dresses but even better...they are aprons!!!! I'm starting on letter A today, I will post pics when I am done but I want every single one! So as I was saying, Run to Joanns ladies, don't walk!

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